• Farah's Adventure

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    There are a ton of online slots that have Egyptian themes. You can see them from just about every developer in the industry, and Farah's Adventure is an attempt by GAMING1 to throw their hat into that particular arena. The concept of the game is that there is a female protagonist who has gone exploring inside of ancient tombs looking for treasure, which seems like a clear copycat job of the Tomb Raider series. This game doesn't have much to go on in terms of exciting gameplay, and the graphics are largely mediocre as well. It does have its positives, however, but whether they outweigh the negatives is up for debate.

    Game Format

    This slot has a standard 10-payline format, and there are five reels and three rows. It's about the most normal layout you could find for an online slot. Betting runs from $0.20 to $25 per spin, which is a really wide range. Any size bankroll will work with this game as a result, but what's important to notice is that you can only adjust your total bet size directly. You won't be messing around with choosing a number of paylines or a number of coins to wager on each payline.

    As a result of this approach to betting, you're also going to be in a position where all of the payouts are listed according to that total bet size. This is different than the line bet payouts most people see, so the win sizes will seem small in comparison. Simply multiply the wins listed by GAMING1 by a factor of 10, and you'll have what the payouts would be under a line bet system.

    Wild Symbols

    There is a wild symbol in this game that shows up on all of the reels. It looks like a sort of red symbol in the side of a piece of orange stone, almost if it's supposed to be some kind of key or mechanism. In any event, it's the wild for this online slot, and five of a kind of this symbol will get you a solid win worth 200x. Remember that this would be like 2,000x if the game uses the line bet system, so it's a pretty reasonable win.

    Free Spins Feature

    The wild symbol doubles as the bonus symbol in this game. What you'll get on the bonus side is that a set of three or more of this wild anywhere on the reels, even if it's not on the same payline or left-to-right, will trigger the free spin bonus round. This round has been made to be as simple as possible, and you're simply given 10 free spins without any extras added on. We aren't a fan of this level of boring gameplay, but it's what they chose to do with this slot.

    Important Payouts

    The four main symbols, other than the wild symbol, all pay out for just two of a kind or more. This helps you to get more small and medium wins to hold you over until you hit a big payoff. Five of the sphinx earns 500x in this game, and five of the woman protagonist gets you 200x. The cross symbol earns players 75x as well.

    On the lower end of the pay table, you have the A and K symbols that pay out 15x. The Q, J and 10 symbols all give you 10x for five of a kind. We are slightly disappointed at their use of these symbols, but they have at least been stylized to a degree so that they fit in with the overall theme of the game.

    In Summary

    Farah's Adventure is not really one of GAMING1's strongest titles. It has a very plain and, frankly, boring style of gameplay without much going on. The free spins round itself, the only real feature in the game aside from the wild symbols, is also very lackluster. There's no real sense of excitement or action anywhere in this game. With that having been said, there are good top jackpots and a good betting approach that we see with all of their titles, so it's not like everything is bad with this game. Regardless, we feel confident in recommending that players stick to something different instead of picking up this slot.