• Pearl Tracker

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    Pearl Tracker is a game based on a deep sea diving theme. You'll have some pretty good graphics with a cute monkey diving down to the ocean floor. There is a free spins feature, and there are some pretty solid jackpots in this game.

    Game Format

    In terms of video slot formats, Pearl Tracker's five-reel, three-row and 10-payline layout is pretty usual. It works out pretty well for players who like to keep up with all of their different ways to win and that don't want to many paylines that it's difficult to keep up with. Betting runs from $0.20 at the minimum per spin to $25 at the maximum, and the betting style of this game is actually fairly important.

    The reason it's important is because it's atypical. You will not be choosing individual coin sizes and the number of coins you want to bet on each payline to determine your overall wager. Instead, it's chosen directly. Moreover, all of your payouts are listed based on this total bet size, so if you're wagering $5 per spin and get a 100x win, that's a total payout of $500. It's not based on line bet sizes, which is what most games use. If you want to know what the line bet win would be on any given payout, then simply multiply it by 10 for comparison.

    Wild Monkey Symbol

    Even though it's not the highest-paying symbol in the game, it's hard to deny that the wild monkey symbol is the most important symbol in this video slot. It's very important for three reasons. First, it gives you extra payouts since it appears on every reel as a wild symbol. Second, it gives one of the top payouts in the game of 200x for five of a kind. Third, it also acts as a bonus symbol. When you combine these three attributes, it's clear that this symbol has the most value tied up in it of any of them.

    Free Spins Feature

    The bonus feature for this game is based on getting a set of free spins. This always comes in the form of a total of 10 free spins, but you'll also get what they call a super spin at the end of those, which basically amounts to a free spin with better chances of winning. You trigger this feature by picking up three or more of the monkey symbol, and those can be anywhere on the reels. They don't have to be on a single payline to start the feature.

    Key Top-End Payouts

    There are a number of sea creatures that make up the best payouts in the game. Five of the shark symbol will get you a 500x win, and keep in mind that this would be like a 5,000x jackpot in most games, so it's a pretty reasonable top prize. You can also score 200x for five of the turtle, which is the same payout that you could get for five wilds. The purple squid pays out 75s for five of a kind, and it has the same payouts as the clown fish, which is orange with black and white stripes.

    All four of these symbols will pay out for two of a kind or more. This does not apply to the wild monkey symbol, which requires at least three for a payout. However, if you get two of a kind of the wilds, then you're guaranteed at least three of a kind in whatever the third symbol is, so it doesn't really matter.

    Bottom Pays

    You'll see colorful and vibrant card rank symbols at the bottom end of the pay table. The A and K are yellow and red, respectively, and they each pay out 15x. You'll get a simple 10x win for five of the Q, J or 10 symbols, which show up as green, blue and purple, respectively.

    In Summary

    There isn't much to the Pearl Tracker video slot by GAMING1. It has solid graphics that really pop out from the screen, and the premise of a monkey going pearl diving with a bunch of goofy sea creatures is pretty great visually. On the gameplay side, the bonus feature falls a bit flat, but the payout schedule is balanced with chances for some strong top prizes. Overall, this game is about average, but we imagine some players will really like it.