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    If you're a fan of high fantasy-themed stories like Lord of the Rings, then GAMING1's online slot Gobs N Gold is a title that you should definitely check out. It uses a theme that centers around goblins to bring the world to life, and you'll find a number of characters and beautiful symbols on the reels. This slot also brings a ton of action, and everything from the actual format to the features are designed to drive a fast-paced experience. If you're looking for something slower and relaxing, then this game is probably not what you're looking for.

    Game Format

    The layout of this game gives players a lot of visual real estate to work with since there are five reels, four rows and 50 paylines. This is very important later when we look at the actual features. Betting is set up so that you're only concerned with your total wager size, which makes things a lot easier since all of the wins are listed as a multiple of the total amount that you're betting. This is a simplified way of handling things that we prefer over the standard line bet model, but you have to remember that you'll need to multiply your wins by a factor of 50 to get the equivalent win amount for a game that would use line bet payouts.

    You can be various amounts from $0.50 up to $5 per spin, which will give available bets that will fit into virtually any bankroll. High rollers may want to skip this game if they are looking for larger wager sizes, however.

    Re-spin Feature

    The main feature that drives the gameplay in this video slot is the re-spin feature. The way it works is that all of the winning combinations are held into place while the reels spin an extra time. If you add any symbols to the reels at all that increase your total win, then you get yet another re-spin. This continues until you have a re-spin with no extra wins, and then your payouts are calculated and displayed on the screen. It actually cycles through showing every single one of your wins and how much they were for so that you don't have any confusion whatsoever.

    Bonus Symbols and Free Spins

    You need five of the bonus gold symbol to trigger the free spins feature. However, three or more of the bonus symbol anywhere on the reels will give you the re-spin feature like we mentioned above, and it's a cool way of giving you better opportunities to get free spins.

    The number of bonus symbols you end up with total will determine how many free spins you get, and there's a maximum of 50 free turns available at once with 13 or more bonus symbols on the reels. You can re-trigger the free spins by getting more bonus symbols in the bonus round as well.

    Important Payouts

    With the biggest payouts in this game, you have to remember to multiply them by 50 to get what the line bet win would be, because otherwise, they will seem small. You can score 8x for five of the thief and 4x for five of the crystals. Five of the goblins pays 1.6x, and five of the mushrooms gets you 1x. You can also score 0.80x for five of the yellow A or red K. The green Q, blue J and purple 10 all pay 0.40x.

    There are also four jackpots you can win. You get a chance at them with a streak of re-spins all on the same spin, and those are shown in the meter that starts on the left-hand side of the reels and extends across the top.


    Gobs N Gold by GAMING1 is a great example of a slot that incorporates some atypical features to create awesome and exciting gameplay. We really like everything about this game from the pacing to the graphics and how the betting is handled, and we definitely recommend that players try it out.


    This game is no longer available.