• Video Poker Rules & Strategy

    Video Poker Rules and StrategyLove Video poker? Games and Casino has a great collection of rules and strategies to help you get the most out of your online Video Poker play. We have the rules and Statagies for every online video poker game we can find see below for the full list.

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    Basic VP Rules and Strategy.

    • If you are drawing four cards, don't keep a 10.
    • Only if you can get a royal flush by taking a card should you disturb any 5 winning cards.
    • Don't keep an unpaired high card with a pair.
    • Do not break a straight in order to build a straight flush.
    • Never draw five if you have a "Jack or Better".
    • Can you get a royal flush by drawing 3 cards? Then don't draw more than that.
    • Always play the maximum coins. If you are uncomfortable playing five coins then drop down to a lower bet machine.
    • A royal flush can come along at any time. If there is no change in strategy a royal is just as likely to hit right after the last one as a million times later. It is truly random.

    Deuces Wild Video Poker Rules & Strategy.

    • Always hold any 5 of a kind or royal flush.
    • Hold four 2's.
    • Hold three 2's.
    • Hold a Straight, Five of a Kind or Royal Flush.
    • Hold 4 of a Kind.
    • Hold 4 of a Royal Flush.
    • If you have none of the above, hold two 2s.

    If you have a single single 2.

    Hold four card royal flushes rather than straights, flushes or straight flushesHold any four card straight flushesHold three card royal flushes


    Two pair: hold one, but not bothHold four card flushesHold four card straightsHold three card straight flushesHold four card inside straightsHold two card Queen or Jack straight flushesDiscard two card royal flushes.

    Jacks or Better Video Poker Rules & Strategy.

    Hold hands that pay, except:

    • Hold four card royal flushes to make straights or flushes
    • Hold four card straight flushes
    • Hold high card pairs
    • Hold three card royal flushes
    • Hold four card flushes
    • Hold low pairs for three of a kind
    • Hold four card flushes
    • Hold four card straights
    • Hold inside straights with three or more high cards.

    VIDEO POKER hands that Don't Pay!

    • Hold two suited high cards.
    • Four mixed-suit high cards: hold suited, discard unsuited - or keep all.
    • Three unsuited high cards: Hold three of King, Queen, Jack. When you have Ace, King, Jack or Ace, Queen, Jack, discard the Aces.
    • Keep any two unsuited high cards.
    • Keep any single high card.