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    Win A Day online casino, using Slotland software, came out with a unique slot game for St. Patrick's Day on March 17, 2010, called Leprechaun Luck slots.

    It has 5 reels, 31 paylines, and offers a progressive jackpot, bonus games, wilds, double-wilds, and lucky cauldrons giving extra coins during the game.

    Leprechaun Luck progressive slots will show its players most of the lucky symbols found in or around a Leprechaun's house.

    Such as magical Mushrooms, Green Slippers, Shamrocks, and his lucky Green Hat. Those are the lowest paying symbols in Leprechaun Luck, with payouts from a 1 coin return up to 100 coins with 5 on a line.

    There are three higher paying symbols of luckiness in Leprechaun Luck slots, and those are the Harp, Horseshoe, and the Rainbow as the highest and the bringer of this game's jackpot.

    You can be paid from 10 coins up to 2000 coins with those symbols, the latter being the Rainbow and a possible progressive jackpot hit.

    There are other symbols that will also be seen in Leprechaun Luck slots, like the golden Wild and Double Wild, and a black Cauldron topped with gold.

    Those symbols will have not direct payout, as well as the special symbols appearing with a die (or dice) beside them; Horseshoe with Die, Harp with Die, Hat with Die, and Shoes with die, which can activate the bonus game.

    The wagering in Leprechaun Luck progressive slots.

    Will make you lucky with the right bet amount; as you can start your bets at just 1¢ to 25¢ per line, or $0.31 to $7.75 while playing all lines on the "Low" bet.

    The "High" bet in Leprechaun Luck starts at $0.50 up to $4 per line, or while playing all 31 lines from $15.50 to the max of $124 per game.

    To gain access to the Leprechaun Luck Progressive Jackpot you will have to make a bet of $5 or more per game and get 5 Rainbow symbols on a line.

    All Leprechaun Luck slot game symbols will pay out starting from the left reel to the right, except for Cauldron Scatters which can be activate anywhere.

    Leprechaun Luck Wild Symbols.

    • The single golden-coin Wild symbol and double golden-coin Wild symbol are the Wilds.
    • The Single Wild will substitute all symbols except Cauldron Scatters.
    • The Double Wild will sub and give double payouts on wins.

    Leprechaun Luck Scatter Symbol.

    • The black Cauldron symbol with gold is the Scatter.
    • Get three or more Cauldrons to activate the Cauldron Bonus.

    Leprechaun Luck Bonus Symbols.

    Leprechaun Luck slots have four special Bonus symbols in the game, and those are:

    • A Horseshoe with a Die beside it.
    • A Harp with a Die beside it.
    • A Hat with a Die beside it.
    • A pair of Shoes with a Die beside them.

    Get one of the above symbols to light one Bonus Game indicator, there are four of them. You must collect all four of the special symbols to light all four of the Bonus Game indicators, and once all four are lit, the Bonus Game will activate.

    Leprechaun Luck Cauldron Bonus.

    Leprechaun Luck Slots Cauldron Bonus will trigger when 3 or more Cauldron scatter symbols appear:

    • Select 1 Cauldron on the screen.
    • You will be awarded from 2 times the bet, up to 500 times the total bet!

    Leprechaun Luck Progressive Slots Bonus Game.

    Leprechaun Luck progressive slots Bonus Game will be activated after collection all four of the special bonus symbols, and when all 4 of the Bonus Game indicators are highlighted. A new screen will appear with a "Snakes and Ladders" style of game, but with Shamrocks instead, and the use of Dice:

    • There are 3 colored Shamrocks in the bonus game; Green, Blue, and Red.
    • Select the "Roll the Dice" button to begin (it replaces the "Spin" button).
    • Land on a Green Shamrock and be paid from 1 to 500 times the bet!
    • Land on a Blue Shamrock to move up (the ladder) in the game.
    • Land on a Red Shamrock and the Bonus Game ends.

    The Leprechaun Luck slots Bonus Game will also end when you reach the Finish field, which could only mean a lucky payout!

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