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    Pearls of Atlantis slots have 5-reels and 9-paylines with a progressive jackpot, plus there's a bonus game where players can win up to 5x the collected bonuses with a spin of a wheel!

    The object of Pearls of Atlantis slot is to collect symbols from treasure chests that appear in the game. And those symbols will be added to the game's treasure chest fund to be used during the bonus game.

    The Pearls of Atlantis online slots wagering, starts out with a coin size of $0.25 per line, making each game minimum bet $2.25 while playing all nine lines. The coin sizes range from $0.25 to $2.00, so the maximum bet will be $18.00 per game.

    The Pearls of Atlantis slot game play will go from the left reel to the right. Pearls of Atlantis slots progressive jackpot can be obtained with a minimum $10 bet per game and five Triton symbols on a payline.

    What I liked about playing this game is the three top-paying symbols will give extra coins back with just two of them on the first two reels and on a payline. When I got two Mermaids, the payout was more than my actual bet. If you happen to get two Tritons, it would be double that of the Mermaids.

    Pearls of Atlantis Slot Scatter Symbol.

    • The Pearls of Atlantis slot Scatter symbol is the Treasure Chest symbol.
    • When three or more Treasure Chests appear, you pick one.

    One of three bonus game pieces will appear after you pick a treasure chest, Gold, a Gem, or a Wheel piece, and then it will be added to the Treasure Chest fund.

    When five Wheel pieces have been collected, the Wheel of Fortune bonus game will be triggered.

    Pearls of Atlantis Slots Wheel of Fortune Bonus Game.

    The Pearls of Atlantis slots Bonus game will be activated after five wheel pieces have been collected; from the Treasure Chest scatters during the regular game.

    The three Treasure Chest components that will help with the bonus game are wheel pieces, gold, or gems, which are collected and added to the Treasure Chest Fund:

    • Five Wheel pieces that have multipliers will activate the bonus game.
    • The Gold adds to the multiplier or extra coins in the bonus game.
    • The Gems add to a better chance for making round 2 in the bonus game.
    • There are six slots on the inner ring of the wheel for gems, and 20 slots on the outer ring for wheel multiplier pieces.

    Round one in the Wheel of Fortune bonus game:

    • You get three spins to hit one of the gems in the inner wheel.
    • Two gems are always set in place; the top yellow gem and the bottom red gem.
    • If you collect more gems during the regular game, your chances at hitting a gem are much higher.

    Round two in the Wheel of Fortune bonus game:

    • If you hit a Gem within the three spins in round one, you move on to round two.
    • This is spinning the outer wheel for a multiplier.
    • The more wheel pieces you've collected the better chances you have to multiply in the bonus game.

    Before Round two, you have the option to choose "Collect" button if you don't think it's worth the try or the odds aren't right. By collecting, you will get a portion of the Treasure Chest. If you continue to round two and hit a blank spot, you will lose that awarded portion.

    The more game pieces you get and add to the Treasure Chest Fund, the better your chances are of hitting a multiplier in Round 2 of the bonus game.

    So, unless you've collected enough game pieces for round two, it might be best for you to collect what you can, or lose it by trying the spin.

    Play Pearls of Atlantis progressive slots at Slotland Casino, and see if you can enter the wheel of fortune!

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