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    Win A Fortune slots, with 5-reels and 15-paylines, features wilds with multipliers, a treasure hunt, a Wheels of Fortune-esque bonus round, and a double-yer-money round that helps you tempt fate.

    Hot off the instant play presses, Win A Day Casino launched one of its newest online slot game on 15 October 2010, Win A Fortune video slots.

    Win A Fortune progressive slots wagering.

    Has several bet sizes to choose from, whether you play the $.01 minimum per line or the maximum $4.00 per line; we always recommend you play every pay line available. If you take our advice, your bets will range from $.15 to $60.00 per game, with several betting options in between.

    Win A Fortune video slot game's pay table outlines winnings from 1x to 500x your bet.

    If you’ve played other slot games at Win A Day, you’ll notice that the payouts listed don’t seem as impressive; however, with Win a Fortune’s additional bonus features, I think you’ll find the game to offer you just as many, if not more, chances to win a fair bit of money.

    You’ll need at least three symbols to pull in a payout, and all non-scatter play goes from left to right.

    I’m not sure what it is about fortunes and wheels, but in Win A Fortune slots the two tend to go together like peanut butter and jelly. Or like me and coffee. Either way, it’s a combination that tends to work better together even if it’s more classic than original, and is based on Slot 21, another popular slot game.

    It may be just me, but it seems like Win A Day’s slot games are literally getting bigger. Win A Fortune progressive slots have a nice wide spread on the screen, which is a nice touch, particularly if it’s being played on a smartphone (by the way, all of Win A Day’s games can be played on portable devices. Just a note).

    Win A Fortune slot features four Scatter Symbols.

    The outer Fortune Wheel,
    The Inner Fortune Wheel,
    The Double symbol,
    And the Treasure Chest symbol.
    All scatters provide a different feature to the game, as explained below.

    The Outer Wheel Scatter Symbol - Win A Fortune Wild.

    Win A Fortune slots Wild symbol is determined by the outer Fortune Wheel, featured only on Reel 5 (way to the right):

    • The wild will substitute for all non-scatter symbols.
    • Every time an “Outer Wheel” symbol hits the reels, it will cause the outer Fortune Wheel to spin and possibly change the current wild symbol.
    • The newest wild symbol will apply to the current reels.

    The Inner Wheel Scatter Symbol - Win A Fortune Multiplier Feature.

    The multiplier symbol is the “Inner Wheel” symbol, and it also lives on the rightmost reel. If it pops up during a game where you have a winning combination, it will trigger the inner Fortune Wheel to spin.
    With the "inner" Fortune Wheel, three possible things can happen:

    • Collect: A solid “nice try”. No multiplier awarded and you receive your payout as if the symbol never landed.
    • Double: It launches the optional Double Bonus feature where you can tempt fate by trying to double your payout (more details below).
    • Multiplier: With multipliers ranging from 2x to 5x, you’ll have a chance to get a great return on your fortune investment.

    The Double Scatter Symbol - Win A Fortune Double Feature.

    The Double symbol only appears on the rightmost reel, and when it does, you’ll have the chance to gamble your winnings.

    (Keep in mind; this is an optional game—just press “Collect” to opt out):

    • If you choose to play, the game is simple: Press the Double button and see which of the two signs, “Double” and “Lose” remains lit at the end of the game. No skill required, but you can hold your breath if you think it will help.
    • You can keep doubling you bet as long as you keep winning. If you max out (when you reach the topmost display on the machine), it will automatically bring you back to the regular reels game.
    • The other scatter symbol, the Treasure Chest, acts like a mystery symbol.

    The Treasure Chest Scatter Symbol - Win A Fortune Treasure Feature.

    • The Treasure Chest symbol acts like a mystery symbol.
    • If one or more Treasure Chests land anywhere on the paylines, they will reveal an Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby or Diamond symbol, which may or may not help you form an unexpected winning combination.

    Win A Fortune progressive slots Jackpot.

    Special note: If you hit 5 Diamonds on a payline while wagering at least $5 per game, you are eligible for the Win A Day Casino Progressive Jackpot. If you wager less than $5 per game, you’ll get 500x your wager.

    Play Win A Fortune video slot game at Win A Day Casino and find gems in the ruff.

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