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    The video game series Pokemon has been extremely popular for decades, and the Pokemon Go mobile edition of the series got a lot of attention when it was first released as well. Slotomon Go was a game created by SoftSwiss in response to the popularity of this mobile game, and while they didn't use the actual characters from the series itself, they did create their own. The spirit of the game is very similar, and it's all about trying to catch different types of special monsters on the reels in order to get a payout. While the graphics aren't really the best in terms of what SoftSwiss has shown themselves to be able to do, the gameplay doesn't offer much respite either.

    Game Layout

    Five reels, three rows and five paylines might be one of the most rare forms of video slots running in the industry. Many experts don't believe that this is an effective use of the extra screen real estate that you get from a five-reel game compared to a classic slot, but obviously SoftSwiss decided differently. You can choose to be on anywhere from one to five paylines per spin, and you can choose coin sizes per payline that go from $0.10 to $1 each. The total bet size per spin is $0.50 to $5, accordingly.

    Wild Gem Symbol

    There is a yellow gem symbol with a blue background that appears on all reels, and it's probably the most important symbol in the game. It acts as a combination wild and bonus symbol, and while it will substitute for any other symbol on the reels, it will also give you a set of 10 free spins if you get three or more on the reels at once. Five of a kind in this wild pays 1,500x, which isn't actually the largest payout in the game. You can also pick up a minimum of 150x for four of a kind and 15x for three of a kind for this symbol on an activated payline.

    Major Symbol Wins

    The top symbol is the red monkey monster on a green background. Five of a kind pays a really solid 5,000x jackpot, and that's the largest available win in the game. Also of note is the white creature with black eyes and a mushroom hat, and it pays 2,000x for five. You can also score a 1,000x win for five of the orange, cat-like symbol or five of the blue and purple squid. All four of these major symbols pay for two of a kind or more, which gives you a higher hit-rate than you get in most games where you always need at least three for a payout.

    Minor Symbol Payouts

    Along with those symbols, there are five minor symbols. The one that looks like a ghost and the one that looks like a cactus both pay 200x for five of a kind. Likewise, you can score 100x for five for five of the red dragon-like symbol, the gray blob or the bird. These are pretty reasonable payouts for five of a kind on the low-end symbols, which is something that we like to see in video slots because some games give you pays as low as 25x for five of a kind for some symbols, which we think is ridiculously low and anti-climatic.

    Quality Issues

    SoftSwiss isn't exactly known for putting out award-winning graphics in their slots, but Slotomon Go is definitely one of the worst-looking games that they have produced in the entire time they've been running. It's very clear that they only threw together this game with generic graphics and a generic feature to try to capitalize on some of the popularity of the Pokemon series. Unfortunately, it's very transparent that they did this, and the quality of the game suffers immensely as a result.


    We are not impressed with this game in the least bit, and we definitely think that SoftSwiss could do a lot better. Thankfully, they haven't "phoned it in" on most of their other titles as badly as they have on this one. There is a ton of creative potential in the monster collecting theme that they could have used for unique features, or at least features that seem to actually tie into the theme, and the fact that they didn't try to capitalize on this is completely absurd. We cannot recommend that players try this game at all.

    By Jesse Eddleman