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    Now here's a game where you can mix up your playing strategy, as you can hold whichever reel you want until your symbol gives you a payout.

    Reel Riot slot game from Slotland has double wilds towards extra payouts, a progressive jackpot, and a bonus game in its 3 reels and 1 payline. That's pretty awesome; a classic slot with a bonus game to play.

    You will see some pleasingly colorful symbols in Reel Riot slots, and most of those are of the fruit variety. Some of my favorites are among this mix, with Cherries, Bananas, Apples, and Grapes; giving 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x your coin bet when 3 of these symbols land on the payline respectively.

    And as for the higher paying symbols in Reel Riot progressive slots, there's the Lemon, the Plum, and the Watermelon which give payouts of 6x, 8x, and 10x your coin bet respectively on the payline.

    The highest paying is of course the Double Wild symbol, of which the payouts are shown in the pay table.

    The wagering for Reel Riot slots is quite simple; choose between 5 of its betting amounts, from $1, $5, $10, $20, and $40 for each game or pull of the handle play.

    What is unique the Reel Riot slots, is that you can "Hold" a reel or reels until your symbol or symbols have lined up for a win! The hold will stay for each spin you make until a win is made.

    The Wild Symbol in Reel Riot Progressive slots.

    • The Reel Riot Double Wild symbol is the Wild symbol.
    • Get a double payout when 1 Reel Riot double wild symbol lands with two other matching symbols on the line.
    • Get a quadruple (4x) payout when 2 Reel Riot double wilds land with 1 of any other symbols on the payline.
    • When 3 Double Wild symbols land on the Reel Riot reels (say that three times for a tongue twister), the Bonus Game is triggered!
    • Get 3 Reel Riot Double Wilds on the payline for 1000x your bet, or on the maximum bet; win the progressive jackpot!

    I like the idea of a doubling wild which will boost my payouts two times and even four times, just by landing at the same time on the line with my favorite fruits in Reel Riot slots, and you can hold them too!

    The Bonus Game in Reel Riot Progressive Slots.

    Get 3 of the Double Wild symbols to land anywhere on the three reels at the same time, and the Reel Riot Bonus Game will be triggered:

    • Upon activation of the bonus game in Reel Riot slots, the screen will change to Numbers and "End" symbols in place of the current fruit and wild symbols.
    • The bottom line becomes the payline. After the reels stop from one pull one number will be highlighted.
    • That number then multiplies your current bet (your bet amount from the start of the bonus game).
    • When a number with the "arrows" is highlighted after the reels stop, you will be paid that number times your bet, and then the highlight will move to the number above it.
    • When the highlight reaches the "End" symbol, the Reel Riot Bonus Game will end.

    I got to looking at the picture above and noticed if the "1 with arrows" was highlighted, it would then go to the "5 with arrows" giving you another 5 times your bet before the game ends.

    I played this Reel Riot slot game, and it is addicting and fun to play, and I almost got the bonus game several times!

    Reel Riot slots has great payouts, it's relaxing, and a fun game to play at Slotland!

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