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    Fluffy Paws slots have 5-reels, 25-paylines and a pick-a-pet feature, with a bonus game, free spins and expanding wilds, where you pick one of three pets to try for each of their feature games!

    The Fluffy Paws slot game offers one of three pets to choose from with its pick-a-pet feature; a Bunny, a Kitty and a Puppy. Each pet can award two features, be it a bonus game or free spins when the Puppy is chosen, or two types of free spin features when one of the other two pets are chosen.

    Note: You may choose any one of the other two available pets after a game or feature has ended.

    Fluffy Paws online slots wagering.

    Is adjustable with line selection, one to 25, and in coin sizes with one of five to choose from; $.01, $.02, $.05, $.10 and $.25.

    The minimum bet in Fluffy Paws is $.25 when all lines are active and the maximum bet is $6.25, with payouts starting from the leftmost reel to the right and according to the pay table.

    Fluffy Paws slot Scatter symbols.

    Are one of three animated symbols that appear during the game, and whichever scatter appears depends on which pet you have chosen. Free spins are awarded with one of the following actions:

    • When the Bunny eats a carrot; Bunny pet, Scatter is the Carrot.
    • When the Kitty chases a mouse; Kitty pet, Scatter is the Mouse.
    • When the Puppy barks at another puppy; Puppy pet, Scatter is another Puppy on the reels.

    Fluffy Paws slots Wild symbol.

    Is the Kitty stacked wild and only appears during the Kitty bonus with five free spins.

    Fluffy Paws online slots Bonus Features.

    There are a total of six bonus features that will appear randomly during game play, with the three pets, and whichever bonus is triggered depends on which pet is chosen.

    Three of the free spin bonuses are briefly explained in the Scatter information above:

    • Bunny Bonus: 5 Free Spins are awarded and wins are doubled; when a bunny hops out of the bunny pet hole and greets the other Bunny.
    • Kitty Bonus: Kitty will lie down on its red pet bed; an Expanding Wild will appear during the next Five Spins made.
    • Puppy Bonus: The neighbor's Dog hides a bone in your garden and your puppy has to find it.

    Note for the Puppy Bonus: You will have nine spots to choose from to try to find the dog bone. The object is, not to find the bone.

    A multiplier is awarded for each spot that is dug up without finding the bone. The Puppy Bonus is over when the bone is dug up.

    Sorry; you will not be awarded anything if the Puppy digs up the dog bone on the first try.

    Fluffy Paws slots Free Spins.

    Are also awarded randomly throughout the game, and the amount of free spins depends on which pet is chosen for the games; the Bunny, the Kitty or the Puppy.

    Each pet has its own specific free spins feature, which is triggered by an animated feature on the reels:

    • Bunny Free Spins: 10 Free Spins are awarded; after the Bunny eats a carrot.
    • Kitty Free Spins: 8 Free Spins are awarded; after a mouse crawls down the reels and the Kitty chases it.
    • Puppy Free Spins: 5 Free Spins are awarded; after the Puppy barks at another dog on the reels.

    Play Fluffy Paws online slots at Win A Day casino to enjoy each of the three pets and their feature games!

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