• Alaxe in Zombieland

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    Alaxe in Zombieland slots with 5-reels and 25-paylines will feature double-payout wilds, three different scatters triggering bonus rounds and free spins, and there's a 98,400-coin jackpot!

    The Alaxe in Zombieland slot game delivers a deliciously horrifying twist on a beloved classic. You may never look at Alice in Wonderland quite the same way.

    Alaxe in Zombieland slot wagers.

    With the ability to play up to 25 lines and up to 10 coins per line, the range of wagers available in this game is nice and wide...
    Coins sizes range from .01 to .20 credits, with a minimum wager of .25 credits and a maximum wager 50.00 credits while playing all twenty-five lines.

    Alaxe in Zombieland online slots Pay Table.

    While the theme of the slot is anything but typical (and some would say literarily sacrilegious), the game obeys fairly standard rules. Play goes from left to right on adjacent reels; scatters play any. Only highest win is paid per payline.

    Alaxe in Zombieland slots Wild symbol is the Wild Brain symbol, which will bring-in a little excitement and coins during the game.

    • Available on every reel, the Wild Brain will help form winning combinations.
    • Wild brains can replace every symbol except the scatters; Clock, Key, and Potion.
    • All combinations using a Wild Brain will receive double payouts.

    Alaxe in Zombieland slot Scatter symbols.

    Three different scatters symbols are available when you play Alaxe in Zombieland: the Clock, the Key, and the Potion.

    Each Scatter performs a slightly different function, but all behave as natural scatters in that they pay in any position and their wins are multiplied by the total bet. All scatter wins will pay 5x your wager.

    • Clock Scatters: The Clock scatters will trigger the Tea Party Free Spins Feature when a symbol appears on Reels 1, 2, and 3 simultaneously.
    • Key Scatter: Key scatter symbols activate the Red Queens Adventure when three symbol land on Reels 2, 3, and 4 at the same time.
    • Potion Scatter: When this scatter appears on reels 3, 4, and 5 simultaneously, the Gravestones Feature triggers.

    The Scatter feature games are explained in more depth, just below in this review.

    Alaxe in Zombieland slots Tea Party Free Spins feature.

    As soon as three Clock symbols land on Reels 1, 2, and 3 at the same time, you’ll be prompted to click on one of them. This selection will reveal the total number of teapots that can be selected on the next screen.

    • When the next screen loads, you’ll find 14 identical teapots.
    • You’ll then either select the allowed number of teapots or press the “AutoPick” button to select them for you.
    • These teapots will determine how many free spins you win and the multiplier (if any).

    You’ll be guaranteed at least three free spins. After that, whatever you’ve won on the previous screens will take over.
    The free games can be retriggered (and you’ll go through the selection process at the completion of the first round).
    Other features can also be triggered in the free spin round; and the free spins multiplier will apply to their wins.

    Red Queens Adventure bonus game.

    If you are lucky enough to get three Key scatters on Reels 2, 3, and 4, then you’ll have a chance to play the Red Queens Adventure Feature.

    • A new screen launches and reveals five tombstones.
    • Starting from the left, you’ll paint three of the five white roses red.
    • If the revealed award is the same or larger than the tombstone’s value, you’ll proceed to the next tombstone.

    Should you get all the way to the last tombstone and find that your accumulated prizes are greater than the tombstone prize, you’ll unlock the special “escape level” where you’ll find six doors. Reveal a multiplier, and not the Queen herself, and win the feature prize!

    Alaxe in Zombieland online slots Gravestone Feature game.

    Three scattered Potion symbols will activate the Gravestone Feature.

    • You’ll direct Alaxe to chop gravestones for prizes.
    • The game continues until Alaxe reveals a “Collect” instead of a coin prize.
    • When the “Collect” is found, the player walks away with all found prizes.

    Perfect for Halloween and twisted enough to provide Zombie-inspired entertainment for the rest of the year, Alaxe in Zombieland has taken several great details of the time honored story and put them to work for dark purposes. This slot is as inspiring as it is fun to play, as long as you don’t mind a little gore.

    Alaxe in Zombieland wouldn’t be a Zombie-inspired slot if it didn’t have an Autoplay feature, so play this game until your limbs rot off… Bwahaha!


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