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    The game of Tri-Card Poker is really two games in one. You can play the Ante or Pair Plus or both, with a deck of 52 cards, and you have several chip options when placing your bet. Tri-Card online poker uses Vegas Technology software, for its cutting-edge visiual performance.

    Tri-Card online poker wagering gives you several chips to use, such as $1, $5, $25 and $100 chips. While playing Tri-Card poker with Vegas Tech software, the minimum and maximum bets are $1 and $200 per bet, or a maximum of up to $400 while playing pairs plus.

    If you wish to only use the Ante in Tri-Card poker, you place a bet in the Ante circle on the table and 3 cards will be dealt to you face up. If you decide to play those cards, an amount equal to your Ante is bet is used from your balance.

    The highest hand wins, but if the dealer does not have at least a Queen, the dealer hand doesn't qualify anyway and can't win.

    Tri-Card online poker has ante bonus payouts and they're independent of the dealers hand, so you can still lose the game but win the bonus. When you play Pair Plus, you're betting on being dealt a pair or better with your 3 card combination.

    Tri-Card Poker has a Pair Plus game and its payouts are for specific hand combinations, and aren't dependant on the Dealers cards. So if your hand contains a straight and the dealer's hand contains a flush, you'll lose the hand but win the Pair Plus bonus. If you fold, you lose your bet.

    The Tri-Card online poker game pay rates are on tabletop for easy reference. I do quite well on this game and I've hit a few high bonuses, but I don't play the pair plus on a regular basis.