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    Red Dog poker is played against the dealer and has many names. You may know it as Acey Deucy or Between the Sheets. This Vegas Technology version of Red Dog is played with one deck of 52 cards.

    Red Dog online poker wagering allows players to choose from a small variety of chips; $1, $5, $100 and $500, with a minimum bet of $1 per hand, to the maximum bet of $500 per hand.

    To start Red Dog poker, you are dealt 2 cards and Aces are always ranked as high card. If the 2 cards are a pair or consecutive, the game is a push and the ante is returned.

    If the cards have at least a one card spread a third card is dealt. You're betting that the third card will fall between the first two cards.

    Red Dog Poker payout-odds with Vegas Technology software.

    • If you are dealt 3 of a kind the payout is 11:1!
    • Pairs and consecutives are a push,
    • A 4 - 11 spread is even money,
    • A 3 card spread is 2:1,
    • A 2 card spread is 4:1,
    • And a 1 card spread is 5:1.

    While playing Red Dog online poker with Vegas Tech software, you can raise your bet during any hand except pairs and consecutives, so if you get a deal with a good spread, raising is a great option.

    You don't always win in Red Dog poker, but it makes you feel better when you hit the raise button!