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    Trente et Quarente is an online card game combination of blackjack, craps, and Hi-Lo with winning hands between 30 and 40 points, and some of the best features of all three games!

    There’s a fair bit of math involved in this game, and luckily you can trust the game to do all of it, at high speed with crisp graphics.

    Trente et Quarente Wagering.

    After choosing which of the three betting limits fits your needs (1.00 through 100.00 credits, 5.00 credits through 250.00 credits, or 25.00 through 500.00 credits), the game begins.

    The table limits will determine which chip sizes you have available. Regardless of the chip sizes available, your table limits will be restricted to your selected chip range.

    Trente et Quarente game features include two different speeds and a list of the last 16 game results.

    A complete explanation of how to play Trente et Quarente is available in the “Menu” section, but in case you need a quick run-through, the object of the game is to wager your bets on which of the two rows of cards will have the lowest total score.

    The lowest possible score is 30 (Trente) and the highest score must be lower than 40 (Quarente) to qualify, with the row with the closest total to 30 being more desirable. Side bets run rampant in this game, making it entertaining from start to finish.

    Trente et Quarente Pay Table.

    All of the classic, right-hand bets in Trente et Quarente payout 1:1. The real money is in the special bets, and therein lies the real risk, too. When you wager, keep in mind Aces equal 1 in this game and that most bets on the table are with regard to a row’s total, and not cards specifically.

    For example, the numbers on the left hand side of the table refer to the second digit of the row’s total; you’d place a bet on “5” if you think the total will be “35”.

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