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    3-5-7 Poker features three different poker games, a 3-hand, a 5-hand, and a 7-hand poker game, with up to three hands played at the same time; it's the online poker multi-taskers dream!

    I fear I can’t give an adequate review without first explaining a bit about how to play this unique online poker game, called 3 5 7 Poker. First things first, all wagered hands will be dealt three cards face up while the Dealer gives himself four cards face down, these will be known as community cards.

    As the 3-5-7 Poker game progresses; each hand is revealed by itself, in 3-card poker, as it stands with 2 cards from the Dealer’s “community cards”, in 5-card poker, and at its best with the options of all 4 cards from the community cards, in 7-card poker.

    • Three-Card Poker Hand: You need a pair or better to win this hand. Straights pay more than flushes, just as in 3-card poker.
    • Five-Card Poker Hand: Just like 5-card stud poker against a pay table (without the exchange), your poker hand is ranked based on your three cards plus two of the Dealer’s cards.
    • Seven-Card Poker Hand: When the dealer reveals the last two community cards, the best 5-card hand possible will be made using all three of the Player cards and two of the best community cards.

    To wager in 3-5-7 Poker, using Distance Gaming software, online poker players must place at least one wager in the 3, 5, or 7 bet boxes. They could also bet all three.

    While the initial game seems complicated, there are really only three decisions to make when wagering: how much, how many hands, and whether or not to surrender the 7-card hand, based on how the 3-card hand fares.

    With all the different variations in 3-5-7 online poker, what could be an absolute mess is made much more clearly with Lucky Live Casino’s animations, graphics, and table orientation. Having the 3 5 7 Poker pay table on the screen while you play is pretty handy, and the instructions available in the help menu are also very thorough.

    Don’t let 3-5-7 Poker intimidate you. It’s a great game that really can get your out of your online poker rut by allowing you to think past traditional rules and stylings.
    Play 3-5-7 online poker today at Lucky Live Casino!


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