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    Live Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker is one of the first versions of live online poker to be broadcast online, and Lucky Live Casino is proud to announce it! It’s your hand against the live dealer’s in this age-old battle of royal flushes, straights, flops, turns, and rivers.

    Live Texas Hold’em poker game wagering will depend on the strength of your hand and your general confidence. With each phase of the game, you’ll be able to fold or bet additional chips to keep playing.

    Other online live casinos have the standard live roulette games, live baccarat games, and live blackjack games, but I’ve only seen one casino offer live Texas Hold’em, and that’s Lucky Live Casino.

    The only drag about this type of live online poker game is that it’s currently only offered on a limited basis each day, and synchronizing watches based on the live video poker broadcasts is a bit difficult. Nonetheless, it’s an exciting addition, and one I hope we’ll see more of.

    As a live Texas Hold’em online poker game, each phase of the game is timed to keep the game moving.

    When live Texas Hold’em online poker doesn’t feature a live video feed, it resorts to the Auto mode (like my attached screenshot, because I forgot to take one while I was playing).

    And unlike a live dealer in Texas Hold'em poker, who grabs real cards out of a shuffled deck, Auto mode relies on a Real Number Generator (RNG) for fair play. Auto Texas Hold’em is always available in the Lucky Live Casino lobby, if having a live dealer doesn’t float your boat.

    Regardless of which version you play, be it Live Texas Holdem bonus poker game or their casino Texas Holdem, you’ll have the option to place a side bet.

    When you place a chip in the bonus section, you are wagering that the first two cards from the dealer into your hand will be a combination of Aces and/or Faces or any pair of number cards.

    For instance, if you catch a pair of 4’s before the flop, you’ll get paid 3:1, and if you catch a pair of Aces, you’ll win the highest payout of 30:1. This is in addition to whatever happens throughout the course of the actual game; with the flop, turn, or river cards.

    Play live Texas Hold'em Bonus online poker for a live dealer poker game, at Lucky Live casino!


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