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    Auto Poker is an online five-card poker game using a random number generator to shuffle its 52-card deck, the player plays against a Dealer, and a Royal Flush can pay €5,000!

    Lucky Live Casino features two different poker games on their site: a live dealer version and a random card generator version (RNG), both using Distance Gaming software. This Auto Poker review pertains to the automatic poker game, using a RNG.

    The Auto Poker game functions very much like the live dealer version, with the exception that the online poker play initiates all of the action.

    Unlike the live dealer online poker game offered by Lucky Live casino, the automatic poker game has a “Deal” button (available only after a wager is placed), and the player can control how long he or she wants to think about strategy.

    Auto Poker online wagers and table limits seem to be the same for both games, although it wouldn’t surprise me if they varied from the 1.00 to 25.00 credit limits on occasion. Chips are available in various sizes, and the bonus bet is capped at 1.00.

    When wagering the bonus bet in this online Auto poker game, you are betting that your five original cards will be one of the top six poker hands in the poker pay table (a Straight through a Royal Flush).

    Payouts are substantial if you are lucky enough to land this no-work bet:

    • A Straight can pay up to €50,
    • And a Royal Flush can pay up to €5,000!
    • And this is on top of the regular game wager.

    One thing to keep in mind while playing Lucky Live Casino’s version of 5-card poker is that you will only be able to exchange one card, and that card is dealt to you face down at the start of the deal. The dealer’s cards will all be hidden except for one card.

    Where the live dealer is dealing from a shuffled 52-card deck, this online Auto Poker game mixes its “cards” with a Random Card Generator. What it lacks in literal “personality”, it makes up for in relaxed player experience. Play poker in both forms today at Lucky Live online casino.


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