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    Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker is based on the regular Holdem poker game, but is played online with a bonus side bet that has a 30 to 1 payout when two aces appear in the player's hand!

    Texas Hold'em Bonus online poker uses Distance Gaming software and can be played at Lucky Live casino. It’s just you against the Dealer in head-to-head match up with hopeful guest appearances by your favorite poker hands, and your chance to play everyone’s favorite poker game.

    To start Texas Hold’em Bonus online poker wagering, you’ll need to choose chip sizes that stay within the table’s published limits (check the box in the upper right-hand corner).

    Texas Holdem Bonus Poker table limits typically range from 1.00 to 200.00 credits per hand. How you bet will be completely up to you, and how well the Flop, Turn, and River treat you. And you can fold as necessary.

    I should mention that while this “traditional” online Texas Hold’em game is entertaining, and Lucky Live online casino is also one of the only casinos in the world that offers a live dealer option for Texas Hold’em Bonus.

    It’s so exciting that it is only offered on a limited basis, so you’ve got to play your cards (and your clock) right to get in on the live video feed, licensed croupiers, and real dealer personalities. Keep in mind, when the live video feed is not offered, the Live Game will automatically switch to auto mode.

    In the live Texas Hold’em Poker game, each phase of the wagering is timed to keep the game moving. But you won’t have this issue with the automatic game, as you control the speed with each of your wagers.

    Speaking of wagers, both Texas Hold’em Bonus poker games feature that nice bonus side bet, which allows you to bet that the first two cards into your hand will be a paired combination.

    And, as long as you select the bonus bet option before the game starts the following odds are awarded:

    • A pair of Aces will have you floating on 30:1 odds!
    • A-K suited will award 25:1 odds,
    • A-Q or A-J suited will award 20:1 odds,
    • A-K unsuited will award 15:1 odds,
    • K-K, Q-Q, or J-J will award 10:1 odds,
    • A-Q or A-J unsuited will award 5:1 odds,
    • And any pair, 2-2 to 10-10, will award 3:1 odds.

    Texas Hold’em Bonus online poker is available now at Lucky Live casino!


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