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    Grand Slam Poker uses face cards and tens only, lets you choose four types of card bets, and five cards of the same rank pays 2000-to-one! Grand Slam online poker uses Distance Gaming software and can be played at Lucky Live casino.

    Get up to 2000:1 odds with Grand Slam Poker, a Lucky Live casino poker option that widens the betting options with a Baccarat twist. Or should we say, Baccarat that's shaken-not-stirred.

    Grand Slam Poker via Lucky Live online casino is played with a deck of 40 cards that includes only Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks and Tens. Half of the deck is red and the other half is green, which is important only if you wagered a Logo bet (see below). Poker hands will rank as you are accustomed, with the exception that Flushes do not exist.

    You’ll have several wagering options in Grand Slam online poke:

    • Pick Sides: You can choose which side, Player or Banker, will have the highest poker hand (1:1 odds).
    • Pick Hands: You can also bet which type of poker hand either the Player or Banker will obtain. Payouts will range from 2:1 for a single pair to 2000:1 for a Grand Slam (Five of the same rank).
    • Pick a Card: Wagering on the individual card ranks can payout handsomely (from 2:1 for two cards and up to 23:1 for four or five cards of the selected value) if at least two of your wagered card end up in either the Player’s or Banker’s hand (depending on which side you are placing the wager).
    • Pick Colors: Placing a “Logo” bet states that you believe the top card (last card dealt) of each hand is the same color. Payout is 1:1.

    As stated above, the Grand Slam online poker pay table starts with a single pair and tops out with a Grand Slam, five cards of the same value.

    It’s always nice when people come up with ways to marry popular games together. This fun mix of Baccarat and Poker makes for a great way to pass the time.

    Play Grand Slam online poker, or see how else you can fill up empty minutes at Lucky Live casino, where several games come with real, live, attractive dealers via video feed!


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