Arrows Edge

Arrows Edge Slots

Since 2014, Arrow's Edge has been developing online slots. They do not have a huge selection of titles, which would normally be fine in today's industry. The problem is that a lot of their titles aren't of a particularly high quality. They've started to turn things around by producing games that look better with more varied gameplay, but all of their earlier titles were overall average at best.

Distribution Problems

This company has produced a few dozen slots, and they don't have a particularly aggressive release schedule, so we might see anywhere from four to eight new titles from them each year. These are virtually exclusively video slots, though most players won't see them because of their big distribution problems. Because they haven't shown a tremendous amount of quality by any means, they haven't made it onto any major platforms like EveryMatrix or Microgaming Quickfire, which limits their exposure to players overall. This means you'll have fewer choices if you actually want to seek out these particular games.

Game Potential

Arrow's Edge has produced a number of games that have shown a lot of potential. The problem is that they don't ever seem to reach that potential, and even their best titles seem like something is missing. This is unfortunate because they do come up with some atypical themes, and it's this level of creativity that's often missing from the industry as a whole. The themes of their games are definitely the strongest point of their overall package, and you'll see this for yourself whenever you scroll through their list of titles.

Instant Play Options

With all of that having been said, this company does produce their games in a way that makes them easy to run straight from your browser, and they have limited mobile capabilities as well. On the technology and platform side, they definitely have everything in place to eventually be able to be picked up by one of the major software platforms out there. However, they'll have to bring consistent quality that's several levels higher than what they are currently showing they're capable of if they want to make that happen. Overall, we don't see that happening anytime soon, but we're really hoping we're wrong because of the overwhelming amount of raw potential that is there for some of the themes they've come up with.