• Online Roulette Strategies: What You Need to Know

    Find out what you need to know about the strategies of Roulette; what to watch out for in the gaming industry.

    Don’t fall for the line from so-called roulette experts and industry insiders who claim to have sure-fire betting systems and strategies designed to allow you to beat the house edge.

    Though roulette is considered one of the easiest games to play both online and in the casino, the results of spinning the wheel are totally random and there is no way to adequately predict where the ball will end up.

    So if you invest in the countless books out there or online strategy sites promising quick riches, it is a waste of money.

    Roulette systems claiming to beat the system are pure fantasy, something inexperienced players often fall for. Wheel tracking and following a system of rules as you wager to alter the house edge and increase your odds of winning simply don’t work.

    Smart gamblers will follow a simple roulette strategy of setting win and loss limits and use them as a guide while playing.

    Here are two effective roulette strategies.

    • Set loss and win limits beforehand: A player starts off with $100 and sets his loss limit at $75. That means once his initial money falls to $25, he walks away from the table and sets a personal rule to not return. On the flip side, the player sets a win limit of $250, meaning if he manages to go $250 over his initial bankroll he will stop playing and avoid the risk of losing some of his winnings should his lucky streak ends.

      This is the most basic of roulette strategies, but also very effective if you have the discipline to stick to the plan and don’t get greedy. If you have confidence, you could set your winning limit higher to say $300. Or you could just be willing to invest your entire $100 bankroll on roulette and again stick to your initial goal and don’t rush off to get more money when those funds run out.

    • Limit play to initial luck: This is a slightly more advanced roulette strategy in which the same player who started with a $100 bankroll limits play to initial luck, meaning he plays through his money until he’s lost it all or won a predetermined amount.

      For example, say the player goes on a winning streak. If he won $100 soon after he joined the roulette table, he would take the initial $100 and put it back in his pocket and just gamble with the winnings. That way once you pocket your original bankroll, even if you lose the rest of your winnings you still come out even.

    THE BOTTOM LINE: Your success on the roulette wheel is determined by two things – Your luck on the day and whether you made the right choice in deciding when to quit. Stick to your initial game plan and when your goal is reached or you reach your loss limit, walk away.

    One final bit of advice: Only bet what you can afford to lose. There is no point in getting into financial trouble playing roulette whether online or in the casino.

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