• Roulette Betting

    Roulette is a fascinating game of chance, one that if played wisely can reward you big time, or empty your wallet in a hurry.

    It is slower paced than most other casino games, making it easier to learn. But that doesn’t mean your likelihood of success is better.

    Like other forms of gambling, roulette takes discipline and knowledge of the game to improve your probability of winning.

    Here are some roulette terms you need to know before placing your bets.

    • BETTING ON THE LOW: - This occurs when you put your chips in the slots numbered 1st 12, meaning you are a winner o any number from 1 to 12.
    • BETTING IN THE MIDDLE – This involves placing your chips on 2nd 12, which makes you a winner if any number 13 to 24 comes in.
    • BETTING ON HIGH – Setting your chips on the 3rd 12 makes you a winner when any number from 25 to 36 comes in.
    • BETTING ON BLACK, RED ODD OR EVEN: If you place your chips on black, if the ball falls on any black color square you win. IF you bed on red, any red color square that comes in makes you a winner. Likewise betting on odd or even numbers can make you winners if those numbers come in.

    The beauty of roulette is that there are so many ways to win, meaning you can spread your chips around on the table to different numbers or colors to improve your chances.

    Be Cautious.

    We’ll get more into this later, but don’t get suckered into thinking you can predict where the ball will land on the roulette table.

    Some strategists believe that just because the low numbers or red hit several times in a row, that trend will end soon end and they can win by betting on middle or high numbers or black.

    Roulette tables are random and winners come from pure chance, not inside information or strategies in making selections.

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