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    Celtic Casino takes its online baccarat game to a new level with vivid, live video feeds from real dealers. Available for free and real money play, online baccarat players will get a real feel for the intensity of the game when it’s played in real time.

    Live Dealer Baccarat Online Wagering.

    In order to play Live Dealer Baccarat at Celtic Casino, you’ll need to first select a wager limit within the following parameters (keep in mind, these might be slightly different in other currencies):

    • Low Limit: From .50 credits to 50 credits, the low limit allows for a lower risk, slightly lower payouts, and prolonged play.
    • Normal Limit: The normal limit range is from 1.00 credits to 200 credits, which provides plenty of wiggle room if you happen to have a good run.
    • High Limit: If you’re looking to play the higher risk, higher return route, the high limit tables will be for you as they range from 5.00 credits to 300 credits per game.

    Once you set your Live Dealer Baccarat wager, the video feed loads and you’re right in on the action.

    For those experienced baccarat players, the live baccarat game is no different from others you’ve likely played. Here are the quick Celtic Casino live baccarat details:

    • Eight decks are used in the live Baccarat game.
    • All face cards and number 10 cards have no face value, and all other cards are counted as their face values (with Aces counting as one). When added together, a two-digit total will lose the value in the 10s position to have a single-digit score.
    • Players can wager on the three different hands, the Player, Banker, or Tie, as they see fit. They do not correspond to their actual roles.
    • The dealer (or the official term, croupier) will deal two cards face down to the Player and the Banker spots.

    The goal in live online baccarat is simple: to successfully bet on the hand that reaches 9 points, the hand that has the closest number to 9 points, or that both hands will have the exact same score (in the Tie bet).

    Celtic Casino’s live baccarat game is a huge departure from “classic” online baccarat games. While you can still play in your pajamas and your camera is not turned on, you very much feel on display as you make your bets and your decisions.

    Just like other live casino games, you’ll feel a bit more actively involved in the game. Faster play, attractive dealers, and the real, live thrill of the chase makes it easy to get excited about playing live casino games; the live action gets your heart pumping in more ways than one.

    Play Live Dealer Baccarat and see for yourself at Celtic Casino online!


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