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    Joker Poker, a video poker game using Visionary iGaming software, uses a standard 52 card deck of cards plus a joker, and a natural Royal Flush awards a 5,000-coin payout!

    This Joker Poker online video poker game review will discuss how it can be played at Celtic online casino.

    Joker Poker online video poker wagering.

    Depends on the size of the coin and the number of coins played per hand, with coin sizes ranging from .10 to 5.00 credits and you can play up to five coins per hand.

    Celtic Casino's Joker Poker minimum bet is then .10, and maximum bet is 25.00 credits per game.

    If you’re learning how to play Joker Poker, make sure to check out the Menu section, where it explains not only the rules but also the ins and outs of how the software operates.

    You’ll learn that certain cards are automatically held (based on optimum Joker Poker strategy) and that you’ll always have the ability to call your own shots.

    Joker Poker Video Poker Pay Table.

    Playing one hand at a time has its advantages, and keeping track of your wagers and wins is one of them. You’ll need at least a pair of Kings or Better to earn a payout at all.

    The Joker Poker pay table is right above the cards, and the advantages of betting multiple coins can most easily be seen with the highest payout hand, the Natural Royal Flush, which awards 5,000 coins with a 5-coin bet.

    Joker Poker Video Poker Bonus Games.

    Playing Joker Poker is one thing, but it’s only half of what this game has to offer. With each win, you’ll have the opportunity to increase your winnings by playing the HiLo Bonus Game or the Double Bonus Game.

    HiLo Bonus Game.

    Guess whether or not the preceding card has a higher or lower value than your present one and you could increase your winnings with each correct answer.

    The further you wind around the HiLo bonus levels, the more money that can be yours (and the more you could lose; one wrong answer and all your cash disappears).

    Double Bonus Game.

    One card face up, four cards face down, and one chance to pick the mystery card that is a higher value than the face-up card. Guess correctly and you’ll double your money.

    As long as you keep making the right decisions, you can play up to 10x and double your money each time.

    Each of the Joker online video poker Bonus Games also offers additional side bets and extra bonuses to provide you with additional ways to win.

    As a safeguard, you’ll be asked if you want to collect or continue every time you advance—so you can always walk away with what you have if you feel you’ve tempted fate enough.

    Joker Video Poker is also available in a 4-Hand and 25-Hand version, if you’re ready to do some hardcore multi-tasking, at Celtic Casino.

    Armed with a 52-card standard deck, plus one wild joker, of course, Joker 4-Hand Poker online video poker gives you the classic game with two additional bonus games to bolster your bankroll!

    When you play Joker 4-Hand Video Poker and uncover a Natural Royal Flush, a 20,000-coin jackpot could be yours!

    Joker 4-Hand Poker online video poker wagering.

    Is dependent on the size of the coin, .10 to 5.00 credits, and the number of coins played per hand, from 1 to 5.

    Enjoy Joker 4-Hand video poker games that run from .40 to 100.00 credits per game when all four hands are played. And just because 4 Joker Poker hands are available does not mean you have to always play them all; just de-select them if you’re getting swept away with the fast play.

    Joker Poker 4-Hand Pay Table.

    You’ll need a pair of Kings or better to win a payout with this online Joker Poker game. With payouts ranging from 1x to 1,000x your wager (depending on how many coins you play per hand), the fact that the Joker Poker pay table adjusts with the bet is a nice feature.

    Save the math for how you’ll spend your fortune (or how you’ll save it).

    Joker Poker 4-Hand Bonus Games.

    This Joker Poker video poker game comes with two bonus games, each with their own additional side bet features.

    HiLo Bonus Game in Joker Poker 4-Hand.

    A standard Hi-Lo game, the object is to guess whether or not the preceding card is higher or lower than the current face card. The 2-card is low; the Ace is high.

    4-Hand Double Bonus Game in Joker Poker 4-Hand.

    Another guessing game, Double lets you double your winnings with a simple game of finding which of the four mystery cards is higher than the one show card.

    Play Joker 4-Hand Video Poker and if you’d like to slow it down, check out the single-hand version of this online video poker game, as well as other online video poker games available at Celtic Online Casino.

    In the multi-hand Joker Poker video poker game, with Visionary iGaming software and using 52 cards and a joker, you can play up to 25 hands at a time with a chance at a Natural Royal Flush jackpot of 125,000 coins!

    Each of the Joker Poker 25 hands is played using their own 52-card, plus joker, standard card deck.

    Joker Poker 25-Hand online video poker wagering.

    Is largely a matter of how many hands you choose to play, how large of a coin you use, and how many coins you choose to play per hand.

    That being said, you can form a variety of bets, even when you play all 25 hands. Minimum 25-hand bet is 2.50 credits with a one-coin, .10-credit bet, and maximum wager is 625 credits with a five-coin, 5.00 credit bet.

    The Joker 25-Hand online video poker Menu section has game instructions, helpful screenshots, and other useful information, should you need it. You can also set the game to AutoPlay.

    Joker Poker 25-Hand Pay Table.

    Despite the complexity of managing 25 wagers, hands, and the various outcomes, the Joker Poker 25-Hand pay table is remarkably simple. Not only does it adjust to the number of coins played per hand, it also will itemize every payout at the conclusion of the game from the lowest (Pair of Kings) to the highest (Natural Royal Flush).

    Joker Poker 25-Hand Bonus Games.

    If that 125,000-coin Natural Royal Flush payout seems unattainable, you can still make plenty of coin with the Joker Poker bonus games.

    These bonus games are available with every win, allowing you to increase your payout by wagering your entire earnings on one of two games of chance.

    Double Bonus Game in Joker Poker 25-Hand.

    Simply guess which of the four facedown cards is a higher value than the left-hand show card. Get it right and instantly double your winnings. Every correct answer is another opportunity to play; up to 10x.

    Hi-Lo Bonus Game in Joker Poker 25-Hand.

    Increase your payout by correctly guessing whether or not the next card in the line is higher or lower than your current card. Payouts are based on odds.

    Play Joker 25-Hand Video Poker and take multi-tasking to a whole new level. If playing 25 hands at a time seems intimidating, there is also a single-hand Joker Poker and a 4-Hand Joker Poker version available.