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    Jacks or Better Video Poker Highlights

    Jacks or Better video poker game, with Visionary iGaming software, uses one deck of 52 cards, and you could win the 4,000-coin Royal Flush jackpot in its realism!

    Jacks or Better online video poker is one of the most popular online video poker games for a reason: it closely resembles live poker, it’s easy to play, and it’s readily available.

    Jacks or Better online video poker wagering.

    Is calculated by the size of the coin, from .10 to 5.00 credits, and the number of coins played per hand, up to 5.

    With such a wide range of wagers, from .10 to 25.00 per game, Jacks or Better video poker is accessible to just about anyone able to open an account.

    Jacks or Better Video Poker Pay Table.

    Jacks or Better online video poker pay table, accessible just above the cards, shows payouts for every kind of coin bet.

    True to the name, online video poker players will need at least a pair of jacks or better to walk away winners, and those players revealing a Royal Flush not only have the right to do a little dance number, they can also collect 4,000 coins.

    Jacks or Better Video Poker Bonus Games.

    Every video poker worth its salt offers its players additional ways to increase their wins. Visionary iGaming Jacks or Better video poker game not only provides two different bonus games, Hi-Lo and Double, but also additional side bets within those bonus games to give player plenty of opportunities to win big on and off the pay table.

    Play Jacks or Better Video Poker for free or real money, or in two different multi-hand formats, at Celtic Casino.

    Play up to four hands in Jacks or Better 4-Hand video poker and reap the benefits of 4 bonus game extras to plump your payouts. Royal Flush jackpot is set at 4,000 coins per hand, that’s a 20,000-coin jackpot for a very lucky online video poker player!

    Jacks or Better 4-hand online video poker wagering.

    Choose your coin size, from .10 to 5.00 credits, the number of coins you wish to play per hand, from 1 to 5, and how many hands you’d like to play to determine your game wager; from 2 to 4.

    Jacks or Better four-hand video poker wagers will range from .40 credits to 100.00 credits per game.

    Jacks or Better 4-Hand Pay Table.

    Since every hand is dealt from it’s own 52-card standard deck in Jacks or Better four-hand video poker, each of the four hands has a shot of winning any one of the nine payouts.

    You’ll need at least a pair of Jacks or better to be awarded a payout, and every hand is eligible for the 4,000 Royal Flush jackpot.

    Jacks or Better 4-Hand Bonus Games.

    With every win, Jacks or Better players get a chance to place the payout in one of two bonus games offered. In the Jacks or Better 4-hand HiLo bonus game, the object is to correctly guess whether or not the next card is either higher or lower than the current face card.

    The Jacks or Better 4-hand Double bonus game, on the other hand, presents you with a face card and four mystery cards with the object of choosing which of the mystery cards has a higher value than the show card. Bonus games can continue as long as correct answers are made. If a game is lost, so are all the winnings.

    Each of the Jacks or Better four-hand video poker bonus games also feature a unique side bet, allowing you to wager one additional coin for exponential winnings.

    Play Jacks or Better 4-hand video poker, also available in a single-hand and a 25-hand game at Celtic online casino.

    Joker 25-hand Video Poker is complete with four different kinds of bonus games, win up to 4,000-coins per hand, to keep life and your payouts, interesting. If one hand of Jacks or Better video poker is good, than 25-hands at the same time is nearly heaven. It’s also a lot of poker.

    Jacks or Better 25-Hand online video poker wagering.

    Will depend on your online video poker style. You’ll have the choice to vary how many hands you play, the size of your coin, and how many of those coins you play on each hand.

    Jacks or Better 25-hand video poker coin sizes are from .10 to 5.00 credits, and you can play up to 5 coins per hand. This means your wager can range from 2.50 to 625.00 credits per game when you play all 25 hands.

    Jacks or Better 25-Hand Pay Table.

    The 25-hand Jacks or Better online video poker game operates on the same pay table as the single-hand version; it just tracks 24 more hands. Keeping track of 25 different hands is much easier said when a computer does all the work.

    With the Jacks or Better hand opening up the pay table with 1x the wager, the Royal Flush brings down the house with a 4000 coin jackpot per hand.

    Jacks or Better 25-Hand Bonus Games.

    Jacks or Better 25-Hand Bonus Games are typically available to provide a non-poker outlet for your very recent winnings. Online Jacks or Better players are typically fans of taking their game winnings for a game of chance; this Jacks or Better game features two bonus games to choose from—HiLo and Double.

    The 25-hand HiLo, as you can expect, is a game of guessing wither a mystery card is higher or lower than the card you are holding. The 25-hand Double Bonus Game will double your money if you can find the hidden higher-value card on the first try.

    Play Jacks or Better 25-hand video poker, also in single-hand and multi-hand formats at Celtic Casino. Free play is also available if you’d like to practice!