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    All American Video Poker Highlights

    Played with a standard 52-card deck, All American video poker weights the bigger payouts on the Four-of-a-Kind, the Straight Flush, and the Royal Flush, so when you win big, you really do win big! In Celtic Casino’s All American video poker up to 4,000-coins can be won with a Royal Flush.

    All American online video poker wagering is a product of the size of the coin and the number of coins played per hand, with coin sizes ranging from .10 to 5.00 credits, and with the ability to play up to 5 coins per hand.

    The smallest wager in All American video poker is .10 credits and the highest wager is 25.00 credits per game.

    All American Video Poker Pay Table.

    Situated just above the striking blue cards, the pay table showcases every possible payout based on the number of coins played. The biggest advantage to playing numerous coins is when you land a Royal Flush; the payout jumps from 1,000 coins to 4,000 coins when you play five versus four coins.

    All American Video Poker Bonus Games.

    I’d be remiss in this review if I didn’t mention the plethora of bonus games available to All American video poker players whenever they score a payout. Regardless of the size of the win, players can choose to place it in one of two different all-or-nothing games that can make it grow up to double in size.

    • All American HiLo Bonus Game: Four different levels of mystery cards await you as you try to guess whether the next card in line is higher or lower than your present card. Payouts are based on odds (the harder the guess, the higher the payout).
    • All American Double Bonus Game: Double your money when you correctly guess which of the four facedown cards is higher in value than the left-hand show card. With each win, you’ll be invited to continue for another chance to double your winnings. The game goes on until you collect your winnings, lose, or play the maximum 10 games.

    Play All American Video Poker in this single-hand version as well as two multi-hand versions at Celtic Casino.

    Celtic Casino’s online All American four-hand video poker allows video poker players to hoard four hands at a time, each with a standard 52-card deck. With 4,000 coins awarded to all Royal Flushes, and plumped up payouts to a Four-of-a-Kind and Straight Flush, All American 4-hand online video poker game makes you play hard or go home.

    All American 4-hand online video poker wagering; choose from coin sizes ranging from .10 to 5.00 credits, and you’ll have the ability to play up to five coins per hand.

    All American 4-hand video poker wagers will span from a budget-savvy .40 credits, when all four hands are played, and the highest wager is 100.00 credits per game, with 25 credits each if you’re playing all four hands.

    All American 4-Hand Pay Table.

    Like you’d expect from an online video poker pay table, every possible bet and payout is front and center on the screen. You’ll have to weigh your gutsiness against the actual chances of getting that extraordinary Royal Flush payout; 4,000 coins!

    You’ll need at least a Pair of Jacks to climb on to the All American poker pay table at all, so keep that in mind when you’re sizing up all four of your hands.

    All American 4-Hand Bonus Games.

    All American 4-hand wouldn’t be a Celtic Casino video poker game if it didn’t come with its nearly famous side games (available on every video poker game at this award winning casino).

    • HiLo Bonus Game in All American 4-hand: Climb up the four levels of cards in a multi-tiered battle of the hi-lo guessing game. Get more money for riskier correct guesses!
    • Double Bonus Game in All American 4-hand: If you’re feeling lucky, you can double your recent video poker winnings by successfully selecting the higher-value card in the Double Bonus Game. Keep playing until you feel guilty about it and collect what’s due you, or until your luck finally runs out and you’re left with nothing.

    Celtic Casino offers All American Video Poker in a single-hand version and a 25-hand version. Try them all!

    All American 25-Hand video poker, think of the winnings when you play 25 hands and hit the 4000 coin Royal Flush jackpot on more than one of them! Take multi-tasking to the next level when you play 25 hands of All American poker at a time, each with their own 52-card deck.

    What is All American Poker? It’s fairly similar to other online video pokers, with the exception that bigger payouts are awarded for Four-of-a-Kinds, the Straight Flush, and of course, the Royal Flush.

    All American 25-Hand online video poker wagering will be determined by the size of the coin, from .10 to 5.00 credits, and the number of coins wagered per hand, from 1 to 5 coins.

    That being said; if all 25 hands in All American 25-hand video poker are played, the minimum bet using a .10 coin and one coin bet per hand is 2.50 credits. The maximum, for those of you draining yourself of math, is 625 credits when you bet five 5-credit coins per hand.

    All American 25-Hand Pay Table.

    Use your discretion when choosing how many coins to play per hand. Some people think the Royal Flush payout jump is worth it when you bet 5-coins; others would rather just extend their playing time.

    As stated above, the standout wins on the pay table are the Four-of-a-Kinds, the Straight Flush, and the Royal Flush. You’ll need at least two Jacks to earn at least your bet back.

    All American 25-Hand Bonus Games.

    With every win, online video poker players are able to amp up their payout with a choice of two go-big-or-go-home games that can turn your beans into magic or just a hill of them.

    • 25-Hand HiLo Bonus Game: Several tiers of cards await your successful ability to guess whether the following one is higher or lower than the adjacent card. Payouts are determined by risk involved.
    • 25-Hand Double Bonus Game: Play a maximum of 10 games and double your money each time when you successfully guess which of the mystery cards is higher than the flipped card.

    Both games allow you to walk away at any time when you are ahead, and you can take your earnings with you. However, if you choose to play and lose, all winnings from that hand are gone.

    Play All American 25-Hand Video Poker, also available in a single and four-hand version at Celtic Casino. While you’re there, make sure to check out the live online roulette games with real dealers, real odds, and real payouts.