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    Color Champion Video Poker Highlights

    Color Champion video poker is an action-packed online video poker game with three different side games, wild jokers, and including a color-coded bonus round for each suit of Flush won!

    With wild Jokers and a 4,000-coin jackpot, Color Champion online video poker is one adventurous click after another.

    If you are wondering what is Color Champion online video poker, you should know that it is a single-hand video poker game with a standard 52-card deck that is laced with 4 additional Jokers.

    The jokers are wild and bring with them additional opportunities to win, not only with how they help in creating winning combinations, but also in that they bring a few extra lines to the Pay Table.

    Color Champion online video poker wagering.

    You’ll be asked to select a coin size, from .10 to 5.00, and how many coins you’d like to play per game, from 1 to 5. Bets can range from .10 to 25.00 per hand, depending on your selected combination.

    Color Champion Video Poker Pay Table.

    You’ll need at least a Three-of-a-Kind to land on the Color Champion pay table, something that is made a bit easier due to the four wild Jokers added to the 52-card deck.

    The real fun in Color Champion video poker is in the side games, where you have an opportunity to increase your winnings with little to no effort (but perhaps more than your share of luck).

    Color Champion Video Poker Bonus Games.

    Color Fever Bonus Game: If you find yourself changing the “recommended” hold cards just to increase your chances of creating a Flush, then you’ve thoroughly immersed yourself into the spirit of Color Champion:

    • With every Flush, the Color Fever bonus game is automatically activated; just hit “Deal” to start.
    • Operating a little like a slot machine, you’ll earn extra credits (half your bet amount) every time the triggering suit hits the dealt cards. This is in addition to any poker hand wins you could gather.

    Color Champion Hi-Lo and Double Bonus Games.

    • Color Champion Hi Lo Bonus Game: Just like every other Celtic Casino video poker game, Color Champion offers the Hi Lo Bonus game, where players can bet their winnings for a chance to guess whether the adjacent card is higher or lower. Like the Double bonus below, this game is available with every win.
    • Color Champion Double Bonus Game: If you have a knack for picking the high card, you’d probably do well with the Double Bonus game, where the objective is to select the mystery card with a higher value than the flipped card. Win as much as 10 times before they kick you out.

    Outside of the Color Fever Bonus Game, which doesn’t penalize you for a poor showing, the HiLo and Double bonus games offer you a chance to back away if the take is too much to handle. Bet responsibly, play reasonably, and know when to “collect”.

    Color Champion video poker is just one of many online video poker games available at Celtic Casino. Play this and the several live game offerings available for free or real money.