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    Joker Poker is a single-hand five card video poker game, with wild jokers, and to win all you’ll need is a pair of Kings or better to land on its pay table! But when you land a royal flush you’ll be rewarded handsomely with up to 25,000 credits.

    Jokers are wild in this 5-card Joker video poker game, and that makes for some great additions to the already exciting pay table. The Joker Poker online video poker game is powered by Distance Gaming software.

    Wagering in Joker video poker is where all the action starts. First, you’ll choose a coin size between .05 and 5.00 credits each. Then you’ll have to decide how many coins you’d like to bet per line, up to 5.

    The Joker Poker game's minimum bet is .05 credits with a single coin wager; maximum bet is 25.00 credits with a 5-coin, 5.00-credit wager.

    As said above, the Joker Poker pay table starts with a pair of Kings, which is indeed a steep bet. Luckily, the addition of the wild Joker creates a couple new payable hands, like the Five of a Kind and the Wild Royal Flush. The largest payouts come north of the Four of a Kind.

    Joker video poker game play is fast, crisp, and easy to understand, and the Help menu provides generic online video poker information.

    At the conclusion of any winning game in Joker video poker, you’ll be asked if you’d like to gamble your recent winnings in a bonus game of Red vs. Black.

    In the Joker Poker bonus game you can decide to:

    • Bet it all,
    • Bet half,
    • Or just take the winnings and go.

    If you do decide to play and are successful at guessing which color the mystery card is, the amount wagered will be doubled or half added. But on the other hand, losing will get you nothing. The choice is yours.

    Joker Poker is a great take on a classic poker game. Find it and several other online video poker options at Lucky Live casino.