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    There are 53 cards in a deck that is used to play the Joker Poker version of video poker. Why? Because there is a joker in the deck, that's why.

    Of course, jokers are wild, and so it makes it easier to make hands in this game. And unlike some other games with wild cards, here you can get paid on a pair. The difference between this and Jacks or Better, however, is that you have to achieve a hand with a pair of Kings or better to start being paid.

    The pair of Kings or Better pays five coins on a maximum bet of five coins. Two pairs pay the same amount. Payouts on a Straight and Four of a Kind are generally lower than you would find elsewhere.

    Here is the full pay table, based on a five-unit play:

    • Royal Flush - 5000
    • Straight Flush - 250
    • 4 of a Kind - 85
    • Full House - 35
    • Flush - 25
    • Straight - 15
    • 3 of a Kind - 10
    • Two Pair - 5
    • Pair, Kings or Better - 5

    In Joker Poker, the payout for the Royal Flush is 5000 (based on five coins bet), which is higher than at any other available G-Fed video poker game.

    Interestingly enough, the Royal Flush payout on a one-unit bet (750) is the highest as well. - in fact, 50% higher than anywhere else.

    The payouts on Three of a Kind, Four of a Kind and a Straight are generally lower than you're going to find on most variations, making the payout scale somewhat to-heavy.

    Players can use coin denominations of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 50 cents, $1, $2 and $5. The maximum bet is $25, based on five coins at the highest denomination.