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    Double Bonus video poker bears a resemblance to Bonus Poker except that there are certain things that are doubled in the payouts.

    For example, on Four of a Kind, Bonus Poker pays off at 125 coins, based on a maximum bet of five coins, while Double Bonus Poker pays 250 coins.

    Also, the special bonus payouts in Bonus Poker are doubled in Double Bonus Poker. That means that if the player achieves Four of a Kind in 2's, 3's or 4's, the payout is 400 coins rather than 200, and on four aces, the player will be paid 800 coins, where the payout is "just" 400 in Bonus Poker.

    In Double Bonus Poker, the procedure is basically the same as in other areas of video poker, in that the player receives five cards at the outset, then decides which cards to hold on to. The other cards are left behind, and upon hitting the "draw" button, new cards are dealt to the player to replace the ones discarded. The emphasis here, obviously, would be on getting Four of a Kind or, as always, the Royal Flush, which pays 4000 in Double Bonus Poker, on the basis of the five-coin wager.

    Here is the full pay table, produced by the five-coin bet:

    • Royal Flush -- 4000
    • Straight Flush -- 250
    • 4 of a Kind -- 250
    • Full House -- 35
    • Flush -- 25
    • Straight -- 20
    • 3 of a Kind -- 15
    • Two Pair -- 5
    • Pair, Jacks or Better -- 5

    As you can see, the Four of a Kind pays the same as a Straight Flush, and in the Double Bonus game, one pair, Jacks or Better and two pairs pay the same.

    Also, unlike Bonus Poker, which pays 500 coins for a Royal Flush with a one-coin bet, Double Bonus Poker pays only 250.

    Coin denominations which can be used are 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 50 cents, $1, $2 and $5. The maximum bet is $25, based on five coins at the highest denomination.