• EA Casinos

    asian_provider_with_international_appealEstablished in 2004, EA is an Asia-focused online provider of live dealer and table games suitable for all profiles of consumers. Equipped with years of rich experience and comprehensive knowledge, the constantly-growing team gathers more than 500 enthusiasts.

    Dedicated to providing the finest products and solutions, this studio is the number one choice for numerous top-ranked European operators. Its portfolio accommodates diverse variants of Roulette, Baccarat, and Blackjack, packed with a whole range of options for additional engagement.

    Worth adding is that their games are optimized in a large number of foreign currencies, and available in numerous Asian languages, but have English among options as well. Thanks to professional live dealers, the entire gaming session is conducted in a pleasant atmosphere. That’s precisely what enables them the entrance to every iGaming market in the world, regardless of the continent.

    Asian Provider with International Appeal

    Continuous innovation and a customer-centric approach are some of the numerous qualities which could describe EA and its vision and mission. Determined to provide a comprehensive set of services and immersive products suitable for both seasoned players and newbies, the studio gained the reputation of a trustworthy brand with a top-quality offering.

    Knowing that mobile devices are occupying a significant portion of our lives, the provider relies on modern technologies designed to offer the finest experience on the go. Years and years of work in the entertainment sector represent a solid foundation they base all their products and services upon.

    Some of the numerous advantages of EA include:

    • Transparent platform operation
    • Live streaming API integration
    • Interactive platform with user-friendly interface
    • Content developed in HTML5 technology
    • High level of data security

    On top of that, the producer has scored numerous licenses and third-party certifications, among which PAGCOR, IOM & GLI. All those seals once again confirm that their products are developed in line with the most rigorous standards.

    As stressed out in the introduction, EA is one of the leading brands in Asia, but its popularity is spreading across Europe as well. One of the most significant strategic partnerships was inked with 888Casino, a highly-valued operator honored with multiple licenses.

    Cutting-Edge Solutions

    To ensure the constant development of the online gambling industry, EA decided to include multiple practical solutions in its portfolio. With its customer-centric approach, user-friendly interface, and high level of dedication, they have all that a serious business partner could look for.

    • API Integration

    EA’s flexible solutions enable rapid and secure data transfer. The platform itself comes with numerous adjustment options such as wallet type, more than 60 currencies, language, game type, functions, and many more. A complete integration can be performed within 2-3 days.

    • Live Streaming API

    With customized live streaming and UI interface design, the adaptable platform guarantees smooth B2B cooperation. That’s what has so far secured them a whole spectrum of strategic agreements with acclaimed operators and suppliers, with many more yet to come.

    • Suspicious Betting Investigation

    Every player’s behavior and habits are analyzed and monitored, ensuring legality and fairness during the entire gaming process. All tools rely on superb math models.

    • DDoS Defense

    To minimize the risks and dangers connected with unpredictable traffic attacks, the company came up with a variety of practical solutions. Those include hardware firewall, high-performance network hardware for supplementing temporary bandwidth, CDN networking design, and traffic anomaly detection.

    A Brief Preview of the Studio’s Live Portfolio

    a_brief_preview_of_the_studios_live_portfolioLike any studio which is interested in attracting various profiles of consumers, EA offers a highly diversified selection of live dealer products. All the players’ favorite categories are present, both in traditional and enhanced variants, satisfying even the most demanding clientele.

    To start with, there’s Baccarat, which comes in the classic format, as well as with a diversity of forms, such as No Commission, Pairs, Big & Small, Super 6, and more. There’s a multi-table version as well, where participants can bet multiple tables or different types of games at the same time, putting their skills and knowledge to the test.

    Moreover, there’s European Roulette, catering to the preferences of players from Europe and Asia. Worth adding is that dealers are equipped with tons of skills and extensive knowledge, ensuring the most professional service there is. In case you are interested in checking out the traditional game, but in the modern format, there’s Auto Roulette, with a higher turnover rate.

    Deriving from China, Sic Bo is a game that’s loved not only in Asia but in other corners of the world as well. In EA’s variant, it comes with 3 dice, making room for higher odds and more rewarding outcomes.

    Also, there’s Live Dealer BullBull, a fast-paced game streamed in HD. This one’s equipped with Double / Equal betting with player and banker, original BullBull roadmap, and it comes with a real-time winning hand ratio as well.

    For fans of BJ, the provider offers Ultimate Blackjack, a common draw game, with an unlimited number of participants. In this variant, all punters at the table pick a card from a common set of cards placed on the table. What’s even more, this Blackjack release comes with four side bets, adding an extra layer of action to the game, and of course, more winning combos.

    How Immersive are the RNG Games?

    Perhaps not as wealthy as the live dealer section, the selection of RNG games does offer a decent level of entertainment. One of them is RNG BullBull, which uses the same rules as its live dealer counterpart, except players compete against the machine, not real people. Also, there’s RNG Wu Xing Dragon Tiger, with the highest odds amounting to 1:50.

    Back when Internet-based casinos were just introduced, there were countless battles and discussions between fans of online VS fans of offline products. With the appearance of live dealer games, the situation has significantly changed, as a compromise was found to keep both worlds satisfied. As the technologies advance and new trends emerge, the gap is becoming smaller and smaller.

    Studios such as EA give a valuable contribution to the sector, by constantly delivering content filled with innovations. A wide array of clients all over the globe, combined with so many certificates and approvals confirm that their quality is recognized.