The Future of iGaming- Top Trends Shaping Online Gambling Industry


As dynamic as it is, the online gambling industry is constantly undergoing various modifications and transformations. By exploring the possibilities of game development, bringing more efficiency and safety to money transactions, suppliers push the limits and level up player experience continuously.

Over the course of the past decades, we have witnessed multiple groundbreaking chances, but surprisingly, there’s always room for more. With consumers relentlessly demanding innovations, operators and providers keep on exploring and ultimately delivering, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that this industry holds the reputation of one of the most dynamic

Which trends are transforming the iGaming sphere?

Thanks to the rapid advancement of modern technologies, developers are given countless options to level up player experience- virtual reality is one of the best examples. Aside from that, cryptocurrencies are conquering the stage as well, mainly thanks to the higher level of security in transactions they provide.

These are just some of the most prominent examples, but there’s much more. This article will give you valuable insight into all the tendencies and trends which are revolutionizing the iGaming sector, so keep reading!

Domination of Cryptocurrencies

When it comes to payment transactions, there’s no room for philosophy- we want it to be fast and secure. And if possible, anonymous. (Not all consumers are comfortable with having traces of gambling activities on their bank accounts.)

All those virtues, to call them so, are incorporated in cryptocurrencies, which explains why their popularity in the online gambling industry exploded. Moreover, this payment method comes with significantly better data protection, like identity theft, and hacking are minimized.

Bitcoin was the first one to conquer the stage, but as time goes by, more and more people options appear- Litecoin, Tether, Dogecoin, Ethereum, to name a few. Exploring the lobbies of casinos, players can still find traditional options such as credit and debit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers, but more and more of them are turning to crypto assets.

More Realistic Live Dealer Experience

Ever since the digital form of entertainment came into being, fans of brick-and-mortar gaming stress out the lack of “life” in digital games. No matter how advanced, technologies cannot replace a genuine human being from the betting venue, that is- a real, live dealer.

However, as persistent and creative as they are, content providers used this fact to bring life to their games. Possibilities are numerous, and manufacturers did a great job in incorporating them into gaming products.

Some of the producers, like Yggdrasil Gaming, for example, designed 3D live dealers with multiple adjustment options. The others opted to broadcast their live dealer session either from real land-based casinos or well-equipped studios. Some of them even offer customized and branded products, designed for a specific market with native-speaking hosts.

Thanks to this, online players can experience almost the same level of interaction as if playing in a real land-based venue. With cutting-edge sound, top-class cameras, and of course witty and charming hosts, gaming sessions at one’s home (or a mobile device) are equally sophisticated.

Virtual Reality Coming to the Forefront

Hand in hand with the previous trend, virtual reality (VR) plays a significant role in the online gaming sector, but in many other branches of the industry as well.

Looking at all those colorful slot games with adventurous stories, we have all wondered what would it be like to step into that amazing universe. Well, VR can make that happen.

When it comes to table games, not all the consumers have a land-based facility nearby, or simply don’t feel confident enough to sit at the table in a crowd, surrounded by pro gamblers. That’s where virtual reality steps in, allowing them to experience the genuine atmosphere from real casinos from the comfort of their own homes.

Innovative Features and Gamification

Having in mind the diversity of themes seen in slot titles, it was evident that developers will focus on exploring the possibilities in this segment. Ordinary features aside, players can now experience games with multiple types of wild symbols, versatile Scatters, and innovative mechanics such as Megaways, Splitz, Popwins, Hyperspins, and more.

Of course, fans of other genres are not left empty-handed, so we see the traditional card and table games enriched with numerous engaging elements. Sometimes it’s the number of cards included in the game, in some games it’s an additional bet or a mini-game that allows players to take a breath from the main session, and have fun playing something else for a while.

On top of that, gamification is conquering numerous sectors, but it is also giving a valuable contribution to gambling games. Points, badges, levels, and side missions are more and more present in slot games, giving players a completely new dimension of the story.

Better Mobile Optimization

The tempo of life has dramatically changed, which is why more and more people have switched to their mobile devices, for both business and entertainment. They respond to e-mails, learn foreign languages, check the news, and of course, spin the reels/shuffle cards of their favorite adventures all while out and about.

Knowing that, developers and operators are inversing a lot in cross-platform optimization, making sure consumers can have top-notch experience on Apple, Android, and other popular platforms. It’s not just tablets and smartphones, but smartwatches are taking over the stage as well.

Final Thoughts

Be it an online or land-based facility, the operator’s ultimate goal is always the same, to give the clients what they want- the finest gaming experience.

As seen from the above-mentioned top 5 trends in online gambling, consumers are turning to the digital and modernized forms of entertainment. While it is obvious that the number of brick and mortar venues is gradually dropping, their authentic charm remains immortal.

That’s precisely the direction in which trends and tendencies are heading. The intriguing blend of interactive online gaming systems, cutting-edge technologies with the unique elements and atmosphere of traditional casinos is without any doubt the future of web-based entertainment.

Is there room for more upgrades? Absolutely! As long as players are demanding innovations, suppliers will invest themselves maximally in delivering them, so there’s no doubt that upcoming times will bring more novelties and more inventions to the iGaming industry.

By Aleksandra Zolotic