• SYNOT Games slots

    The titles you can find at Synot Games-powered casinos are all about quality of experience over quantity of experience. They aren't playing around when it comes to giving players the best individual experiences they can within the context of each individual game that they've produced. This is how they're able to put together such great content over and over again and release a couple of dozen new titles each year consistently without seeing the quality of their work drop, and it's the key to why players love their games so much.

    HTML5 Online Slots

    For their online games, this company produces everything in HTML5. This is much better than Flash since Flash has been on its way out for quite a while. The main advantage it has over Flash is that HTML5 can be used to make much better games within the same hardware specs because it uses resources much more efficiently. It's also particularly secure compared to Flash. On top of that, with the HTML5 platform, companies like this can produce one version of a game that will work on all computers, smartphones and tablets, and that saves them time and resources that would have otherwise been used on producing multiple versions of the same title.

    Land-based Experience

    There are a lot of companies out there that have experience making slots for the land-based arena, and that's what you find with Synot Games as well, though they did it under a different name, and their online arm has only been running since 2016. Thankfully, however, they do not fall into the same trap that a lot of other companies do who have this type of previous experience.

    What you'll have happen sometimes is a developer like this will have some great titles they've produced, but they'll just port those over to the online sector and be done with it. This software company hasn't done that at all. Instead, when they do port a game over, they make sure that it fits exactly what's in demand as far as Internet slots go, and if it's not in its native form, then they tweak it until it is. Other than that, they also produce plenty of original titles that aren't something they've used before, and that's how they give players such fresh content on a regular basis.

    High-Quality Execution

    All of Synot Games' online slots have something in common, and that's a very high-quality execution. They take a lot of different themes and concepts with a mix of strong features and bring them all together to give players excellent titles. The gameplay experience of these games is strong as well, and when you combine all of these factors, you get a great portfolio that can cater to a lot of different types of slot fans. Overall, it's a good company producing solid games with a pretty wide range of available concepts and styles of play.

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