• Neon Fever

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      SYNOT Games
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      Video Slots
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    At first glance, no one would blame you for thinking thatthe Neon Fever online slot by SYNOT Games is just another entry into the throwback sub-genre of five-reel titles that use classic themes. However, once you get past that initial look, you'll see that the gameplay has a lot greater degree of depth.

    There's a really fun game mechanic here that adds a ton of action, and we'll discuss that in detail below, but the visual appeal of this game is pretty strong considering the sub-genre it's in. In addition to that, the hit-rate is pretty good, so it's a fairly balanced title overall.

    Format and Betting

    Players get 10 static paylines in this game that cannot be modified, and there are five reels and three horizontal rows of symbols that form the play area. While 10 lines might not seem like a lot, they're plenty for a ton of action thanks to the way the game mechanics work in this title.

    Betting and payouts are pretty simplified, and that helps you to get on into the game as quickly as possible when you start a session. You can choose from around a dozen different betting options that vary from $0.20 to $100 per turn. With that having been said, all payouts for this game are multiplied by the total amount that you're wagering, so you don't have to worry about any type of issues with line bet wins and translating that into cash amounts.

    Doubled and Tripled Symbols

    There are five symbols that are always guaranteed to show up as a doubled or tripled symbol on at least one random reel, but they can appear along these lines on multiple reels instead. These are the wild, the lucky seven, the star, the clover and the bell symbols.

    Note that these are not stacked symbols. Instead, the one instance of the symbol on a single location on the 5x3 grid will count as multiple symbols for the purposes of the payouts. This leads to opportunities for some pretty huge wins, and that's what really sets this title apart from other games in the same sub-genre.

    Wild Symbols

    The glowing, neon sign in pink and blue is the wild symbol, and it's extremely important in this title in spite of the fact that it doesn't get its own wins. This is because it works with the doubled and tripled feature to give you some pretty cool wins with a minimal amount of effort. Get two or three of a kind of the wild on the first reel, and you're guaranteed multiple payouts right away as they combine with whatever symbols show up on the second reel (and possibly other reels) to award you a prize.

    This is how this feature increases the overall hit-rate of the game instead of just increasing the amount of your average win, which is a really smart way of handling payouts in a slot like this.

    Important Symbols and Combinations

    A 15 of a kind combination of the sevens or stars pays out 80x. You can also score 60x for 15 of the clovers or bells. Because of how the feature works, the other symbols can only give you payouts for 13 of a kind or more. That win is 20x for 13 of the watermelons or grapes, and it's 10x for 13 of the plums, lemons or cherry symbols.

    The reason that the breakdown only includes 13 of a kind is that these lower tier symbols can only appear doubled and not tripled on the second and fourth reels. While you would be able to double them in theory with wild symbols, in practice, it's set so that it doesn't work out like that. Regardless, they are still very strong wins, and there are plenty of mid-level payouts available for a lot of balance to the overall pay table as well.


    The Neon Fever slot by SYNOT Games brings a style of play to the reels that we can't remember having ever seen before, and that's the sort of innovation that should get players interested. While not everyone will care for the throwback theme, the bottom line is that it's a solid title overall that has a strong core fanbase.