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    With the Alchemist's Gold online slot, a game available at SYNOT Games casinos, you're getting a title that's themed around the alchemists of an older type. They were the people who eventually led to modern-day chemistry, but at the time, they were primarily concerned with trying to figure out a way to turn other elements into gold. That's exactly what you'll try to do in this game to turn other symbols into new ones that will give you gold in a major way with serious prizes.

    We feel the need to point out that this title looks amazing, and it really captures the idea of the elements and the times of the alchemists as a whole.

    Format and Layout

    To give players a really smooth gameplay experience, this title uses five reels and three rows with a total of 10 paylines. The lines only pay from left to right, but there are a variety of bet sies that make it easy to find a wager amount that will work for what you are comfortable with. It's also important for us to point out that the 10 paylines are static, so you can't change how many of them are active. This is actually important for how the main feature works.

    For betting, many games will have you pick from a range of coin sizes and numbers of coins per line to get total bet sizes. That can get pretty complicated. Instead, this game just has you pick from total bet sizes that go from $0.10 to $100 per spin. The prize listing is also simplified because everything is based on a multiple of your total bet size instead of the line bets win concept. This is something that a lot of players prefer for obvious reasons.

    The Mystery Symbol Feature

    There is one golden symbol on the reels. It appears to be an emblem with a solid gold center. This is the key to the Mystery Symbol feature in this game, which also takes the place of any wild symbol in this slot (ie: there is no traditional wild symbol). The way it works is perfect for the alchemy theme.

    Here's the basic idea. All of the golden symbols on the reels will randomly turn into the same symbol once the reels are complete. That means they'll all match one of the symbols on the pay table, and that can lead to some pretty serious wins. You basically get a lot of extra matching symbols on the reels after each spin, and it's easy to see how that can turn into extra payouts.

    The Potion Symbol

    There is one really important regular-paying symbol in this game as well, and it's the pink and purple potion. This is the mythical substance that would turn things into gold, and it will add some serious gold to your bankroll with a 50x win for five of a kind. You can score 25x for four on a payline or 10x for three as well.

    Element Symbols

    The four classical elements were very important to ancient alchemists, and they are represented here with four beautiful symbols. The fire symbol pays 40x for five, and you can get a 30x win for five of a kind of the water symbol. Wins of 25x are yours for five of the earth or wind symbols as well.

    Card Rank Symbols and Wins

    Rounding out the pay table are four different card rank symbols. They show up in a gorgeous font with colors that fit the theme perfectly. The red A and green K are worth 15x for five of a kind, and you can pick up five of the blue Q or yellow J for 10x as well.

    To keep things in perspective, a 10x payout multiplied by the whole wager is like a 100x line bet win in a 10-payline title, so even the smallest wins for five in this game are pretty reasonable.


    With the Alchemist's Gold slot by SYNOT Games, you're getting a title that centers heavily around one specific gameplay feature. It doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, and virtually all of the gameplay comes from getting paid via the regular pay table. It's not the type of play style that all players enjoy, but there are plenty who do, and that means it has a reasonable following.

    By Jesse Eddleman