Ganapati Slots

Ganapati slotsGanapati is quite an international company, holding offices throughout the world. Not only does this give them a decisive edge when it comes to things like theme, but it is also quite impressive considering that they really only started in the iGaming business in 2016. The company itself was founded in 2013, so the foundation for their success has been in the building for a bit longer. 

The company currently holds licenses from Malta and Curacao. They are present in Estonia, Taiwan, Japan, USA, and a host of other countries. Their games are designed for mobile devices, though desktops are naturally supported as well. We suggest you try one of the demo games right away, as you are sure to be blown away by the superb quality.

Artistic excellence

The graphical style clearly draws inspiration from all sorts of influences. More important than style is the quality of it. Some of the games look clearly hand-drawn, and there is no lack of animations or even videos in different slots. Though the company is international, their slogan of “immersive Japanese gaming” couldn’t be more true. This is where most of the style pays homage to, and it can do so with pride.

More than just mobile compatible

As a company, Ganapati has quite a few interests. Producing slots is just one of them. Games, apps, mobile development, cryptocurrencies, all work together to produce the well-rounded slots. Though most companies are happy with simply producing their games in HTML5, Ganapati takes a step further by truly investing in a proper interface, and games that look good and play great even on smaller screens.

Different sort of themes

With thousands of slots available for play, the market is a bit tight on themes. Ganapati brings a breath of fresh air to the scene. Their international heritage brings a lot of different influences to the slots. Without a doubt, it’s the Asian style and themes that rule the field. This is evident from the graphics. Not only are there games that use the same style that is familiar from anime and manga, but also slots that go deeper into the aesthetics.

Some of the slots also borrow heavily from Japanese pachislots. This too brings should be interesting for most players who are looking for something more than just new graphics.

Special features and basic gameplay

Ganapati doesn’t offer a lot of new innovations when it comes to paylines and reel setups. The games are quite basic in this sense, though there is plenty of variation within these parameters. When it comes to special features the games tend to come with two or three each. Bonus games are a given, and usually, get added modifiers such as extra multipliers. This works well with the basic prize structure, which supports the medium-high volatility settings.

All in all, these slots tend to shine on all of the areas that have something to do with modern slots. We highly suggest you take a look at the free demo games here or choose a mobile casino to play in.