Endorphina Slots

Endorphina was originally located in Prague, but with time has emigrated to the island hotspot of Malta, a location more fitting for the company’s world wide presence in online casinos. And that’s a list of close to a thousand sites, either through direct partnerships or via the most popular casino platforms.

It’s quite obvious that they have a list of cassino games that are worth browsing, and one that can easily stand out on its own. The company puts a lot of effort into coming up with interesting themes, keeping consistent categories for their most popular products. But it’s not only graphics and sounds that deliver a great gaming experience, and that’s something they are well aware of too. Let’s take a look at how these slots play out.

Categories and Themes

Endorphina Categories and ThemesClassic games, Book games, Animal games, Horror games, Dice games, Ethnic games, Adventure games, and finally Luxury games are the main categories under which Endrophina itself categorises their games. Each corresponds to a certain type of theme. For example, classic has fruits as symbols, whereas luxury comes in the form of gems and jewellery. In truth, there are further subcategories which excellent online casinos should know how to take advantage of in their own interface.

Ethnic games draw inspiration from history and myths across the world, from the Almighty Sparta to Sushi, to Mongol Treasures and the animals of Kamchatka. Horror games are probably of great interest, as they are quite rare to find. Here you can witness the 100 Zombies, Dia de Los Muertos, Voodoo and more. On the whole, it’s easy to say that everyone can find what they’re looking for in themes. 

Core Features and Paylines

Endorphina Features and PaylinesThe basics are laid out with bonus spins and a gamble feature. These two can be found in most of the slots from Endorphina. And likewise, from most all online slots, so there is no big surprise here. But the setting opens up front here gradually, with different slots modifying the bonus spins in a variety of ways. Adding extra wilds, multipliers or just a chance to score numerous bonus rounds or just a few of the many methods.

Bonus games are quite common too. For example, in the Vampires you get to explore the Necropolis. These games usually take the form of pick and win, thus not complicating things needlessly. And that’s pretty much it for features when it comes to Endorphina. They like to keep things simple. 

And the same applies to the reels themselves. Most common method is to use paylines, which swing between ten and one hundred depending on the slot. The number of reels and symbols changes accordingly. A couple of games use ways to win or some other method, but these are a very small minority. The range of possible wins can come as a bit of a surprise, as there are quite a few games that aim for medium or low variance. Just make sure you pick on that fits your preference, and you will get prizes that are sure to be to your liking.