PartyPoker Offering Three Big April Promotions


PartyPoker is offering up three major promotions during the month of April, and they're happening in the tournament side of things for the most part. It starts with the April 12 $260,000 Guaranteed Fight Night. On Tuesday, you'll see four different events happen at four different buy-ins. These are normally scheduled events with guaranteed prize pools, but the guarantees are getting kicked up by thousands of dollars and are effectively doubled for one night only.

The Fight Night Schedule

Starting at 2 pm Eastern, the Jab will have a $5.50 buy-in with a $20,000 guarantee. The Contender also starts at 2 pm with a $22 buy-in and a $40,000 guarantee. Players in the Uppercut will start at 2 pm as well, and the buy-in is $109 with a $100,000 guarantee. Finally, there is the High Roller with its $530 buy-in that starts an hour later at 3 pm, and it comes in with a guarantee of $100,000 as well. Several satellites are available for each of these events, and you can also trade in your points at PartyPoker (read more) to claim tickets as well.

Pure Poker Wednesdays

Each Wednesday during the month of April, all of the Power Series tournaments played in no-limit hold'em are switched over to a freeze-out format. This is considered to be the more pure and most basic form of tournament poker, but what's really important to realize is that the guarantees for these events stay the same. These are tournaments where you would often see re-buys and add-ons, so with the guaranteed prize pool staying the same, there's a good chance to see an overlay.

Sit and Go Hero

The latest in the trend of short-handed, jackpot-oriented, SNG-style tournaments, Sit and Go Hero offers players a four-handed experience with bounties and the chance to win a payout worth up to 10,000 times the size of your buy-in. There are five available buy-in sizes worth $1, $3, $5, $10 and $20, and one player randomly has a bounty on their head in the event. There's also a randomly chosen multiplier for the prize pool in the event as well, so there are lots of chances to win big on a limited buy-in, which is something that really makes these games appealing for the vast majority of online poker (more here) players.

By Jesse Eddleman