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What is Conditional Wagering?

TwinSpires Conditional Wagering claims to save time by allowing online horseplayers to place value-oriented horse race bets without keeping their eyes glued to the tote board. When TwinSpires announced conditional wagering as part of its ever-growing feature list, many players who have learned how to bet on horses online were curious as to how the process worked.

TwinSpires conditional wagering allows horseplayers to make wagers on horses within certain parameters, without having to weigh individual horse merits. Like having the ability to set minimum odds and criteria, within the appropriate race time limits, of course.

No one knows the phrase “time is money” like players who place horse race bets online. Purists will despise this sort of “shotgun” approach to online horse betting. The majority of online horseplayers, however, may love its ease of use.

TwinSpires legal online horse betting with condtional wagering; let’s break down how it works...

After you’ve logged into your TwinSpires account, all you have to do is mark the Conditional Wager box to let the system know what your intentions are. Once you’ve done that, additional parameters become available for you to adjust.
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You’ll need to define your minimum odds threshold. This means you’ll enter the win wagers minimum win odds or the minimum payoff for daily double, quinella, and exacta wagers.

Once you’ve determined your risk level, you’ll need to set when you’d like your conditional wager to be evaluated. The time you enter will be relative to the minutes-to-post timeframe.

After that, continue to fill out your wagering ballot as usual, keeping in mind that conditional wagering is only available for quinella, daily double, exacta, and win wagers.

As always, there are exclusions and limitations to features like these, and it’s important to note that the payoffs for both conditional and traditional bets remain absolutely the same.

Placing a conditional wager does not guarantee minimum odds or probable payoff. It is simple an ease-of-use tool that allows horseplayers to bet online, around the clock, without needing to be at full attention when the tote closes.

For more information about conditional wagering, legal online horse betting, and how to bet on horse races online, visit TwinSpires and their voluminous FAQ section.

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