TSC Elite Program at Twinspires

The TwinSpires client loyalty club, the TSC Elite program, has dubbed itself the “Best Rewards in Racing”. While we aren’t here to dispute or support that statement, we can certainly give you the long list of reasons why the club is, at the very least, worth joining.

We all know TwinSpires as the only legal online horse wagering website in the United States. Backed by Churchill Downs, Inc and powered by Brisnet, TwinSpires is the only place on the Internet to place legal online horse bets.

In existence since 1995, the TSC Elite player rewards program has been celebrating member participation by providing a way to earn credits for every dollar wagered.

Through the TSC Elite program, TwinSpires members automatically receive points with their legal online horse wagering and phone wagers:

In 2012, the TSC Elite program added more benefits to its members, including a tiered system that gives you an increased number of points per dollar based on monthly wagering amounts made at TwinSpires or at the horseracing tracks.

Members who reach the TSC Elite VIP status, starting at $25,000 in annual wagering or $12,000 in a quarter, are afforded even more special treatment; including a discount on Brisnet products purchased at the Brisnet site.

What sort of things can you purchase with these points? All things horse racing related:

The TSC Elite program is definitely geared for the folks who live, breathe, and survive on horse racing, online at TwinSpires or at the tracks. Smart players will use their credits to become better at placing a wager, or making more money on their smart bets.

All in all, TSC Elite benefits the passionate. If you’re looking for loot like electronics, gift cards, or monogrammed coffee mugs, this may not be the rewards club you are looking for. If you are looking to keep improving in your online horseracing wagers for 2012, and beyond, then you’ve come to the right place.

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