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The TwinSpires Horse Racing Wagering Tools, explains, how to bet on horse races, horse race handicap products and using the TwinSpires custom card, all of which can be helpful tools in horse racing and legal online horse betting.

How To Bet On Horse Races

If you’re thinking about placing a bet on horse races online, like at TwinSpires, there are a few things you should know. Betting on horses takes more than just instinct or passion for the sport, to bet on a horse race competitively and intelligently, you need to be informed.

Here’s what you should consider before betting on horse races online:

  1. Research Past Performance. The better you know a horse’s past performance statistics, the more informed you will be in predicting its future race result. The statistics are out there for the taking; in fact, provides its members with BRIS Class, Pace, and Speed Ratings, which include track bias data, the exclusive Prime Power Rating, and pedigree stats.
  2. Learn About Horse Racing. It's more than just a lap around a track. Without knowing the nuances of the sport, each horse race will go by faster than you can enjoy it. Luckily, there are tons of free, yet highly informative, articles and newsletters for horseplayers. The most helpful is arguably the ALL-Ways Newsletters, a one-stop shop for insights involving handicapping and wagering.
  3. Get Help With Horse Wagering. If you're new to online horse betting, don't be afraid to use multiple resources, including software that helps make sense of all the data. As a TwinSpires member, you getaccess to the free BRIS Handicapping software, which includes information regarding performances on synthetic racetracks. If you need more, the Brisnet website happily offers all TwinSpires members access to its handicapping data and services.

If you’ve never owned, ridden, touched, or smelled horses, let alone watch them race, the above resources will be an excellent primer to get started. And, since Twin Spires offers legal online horse betting, almost around the clock, you’ll have plenty of time and ways to hone your online horse bets.

Visit TwinSpires for more information on how to bet on horses.

When to Invest in Horse Race Handicapping Products

If you are an avid horseplayer, you live and breathe life at the races. You may even make your living off your ability to bet on horses, or at least a nice second income from it.

Whether you consider your self a horse race expert or not, you know that you couldn’t possibly make a horse bet online or at the track without first learning as much as you could about the horses, the track, and the race.

If you place your horse race bets online, chances are you go to TwinSpires to place your wagers. Since it’s affiliated with Churchill Downs and the acclaimed handicap gurus at, TwinSpires offers the most information and horseplayer benefits of any online horse racing software.

As a TwinSpires member, you get several handicapping tools for free. Informative resources, like daily free thoroughbred past performances, free insider picks, and free power plays with every wager. All the information is available via PDF, so you can view it on your mobile devices as well as your home computers.

If you want to step up your online horse betting expertise, then it may be time to invest in additional software and handicapping tools, like the following.

While prices for the above horse racing reports may vary, all but the National Turf Clocker Reports can actually be claimed for free by TwinSpires members by way of reward points.

Since TwinSpires horseplayers earn points with each and every wager, you can use those points toward the purchase of several publications, journals, and reports to make you even better at betting on horses online.

Using the TwinSpires Custom Card

TwinSpires, a legal online horse betting site affiliated with Churchill Downs, provides its registered real money members with several exclusive perks. The most beneficial of these member advantages is the Custom Card offered by the authority on horseracing,

The TwinSpires Custom Card lets horseplayers build their own personal horse race card and filled only with the races they want to handicap.

Whether you want to primarily focus on maiden turf or synthetic turf horse races, the Custom Card will seek out those specific tracks so you can focus your attention when you place horse bets online. You can even create a Custom Card with the individual races you’d like to wager on. provides the Custom Card as well as all BRIS Past Performance products and the ALL-Ways data files.

The ALL-Ways software version of the Brisnet Custom Card will even let horseplayers determine how much pace pressure they’d like to see in their search results. Imagine being able to find races with heated pace duels with the click of a button!

TwinSpires provides you with more information regarding the Custom Card and how best to use it when you bet on horses online. Take the advantage when you can get it with Brisnet’s Custom Card at TwinSpires.

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