Sports-Based Partnership Between NBC and Yahoo Continues


NBC Sports and Yahoo have had a deal for a while that sees them combining Yahoo's daily fantasy sports product with NBC Sports' video library and other promotional services. This partnership is interesting because of the synergy that the two entities create since they complement each other so ridiculously well. They also show that they're both betting on fantasy sports to continue to be popular, and this is interesting timing considering the hot water the industry has been in lately.

Daily Fantasy Sports Problems

In New York State in particular, a place where online poker is generally considered illegal for not being enough of a skill-based game, the Attorney General filed claims against some of the top names in the daily fantasy sports industry arguing that they had to stop offering their events in the state because they were considered gambling there. The gambling test in New York is one of skill, and this put the daily fantasy companies on the defensive needing to prove that the events they provide are primarily based on skill and not chance.

Other Problems

Across the country, they've ran into other problems as well. As a result of their New York issues, some of the top names in the industry had payment processors stop offering their services, and this led to lawsuits as well. Many states have looked to stop or at least investigate the industry, and when the American government gets involved in anything resembling gambling, it usually turns out as a lose-lose situation for both the players and the companies offering the games. So far, this has definitely been the case.

Fantasy Football Live

One of Yahoo's biggest offerings in this arena is Fantasy Football Live, a service in its 10th season. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on NBC Sports and every Sunday on Yahoo, we see promotional material from both of the companies for Yahoo's fantasy sports games. This is a season-long service, but it ties into the daily fantasy sports industry in the sense that it's the natural progression of the industry. With companies as big as ESPN and major league teams getting in on the sponsorship action, you can be sure that Yahoo and NBC are both in their sights as well.

Author: GamesAndCasino