22 February 2007


    Curtis Stock, Journal Sports Writer
    Published: Wednesday, February 21, 2007

    EDMONTON — When it comes to betting on sports, it seems the gambling industry has left no stone unturned.

    There are government-sanctioned Sport Select kiosks in virtually every corner store, casinos in every corner of the city and chances to bet on just about any horse race in the world at Edmonton Northlands. There are illegal book-makers more than willing to cater to the sports-betting junkie’s whims.

    And then, of course, there’s the Internet, where bettors can wager on any sport at any time.
    What governments around the world decide to do or not do about Internet gambling will help determine the future of betting on all levels of types of sporting events.

    So with this kind of saturation, what more — or less — can the future bring?

    The opinions of gambling researchers, industry insiders and government officials vary, although most believe that sorting out issues related to Internet wagering holds the key to determining which direction sports gambling ultimately heads…..

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