• A UIGEA Injunction Hearing, Court Date is Coming Soon

    27 June 2007


    Hold off on those life boats for now. There may be a good piece of news for the online gamblers, should the courts prove that ‘the system’ does work.

    With stipulations against banks preventing online gambling with credit cards, the court will have open ears to the reasons why the processes with the UIGEA should not continue.

    The banking industry feels that the UIGEA represents an “Unfunded mandate” that will costs banks billions and are supportive of the injunction filing, sources close to Gambling911.com can reveal.

    With a special focus on Internet gambling, which has lately been under severe attack by powerful lobbying groups and a select few politicians, iMEGA was founded in 2007 to promote the innovation and continued growth of the Internet.

    “We seek constructive engagement with government at the Federal and State levels to ensure that the challenges of this still nascent medium are addressed with the full participation of the people and companies that have built the Internet into the powerful influence on society it has become,” the site reads.

    This news update comes to you via Gambling911.com.

    Let us all hope that our freedoms on the Internet will remain as they once were before the UIGEA was slipped into our lives. We may soon find out the answers to our Internet freedoms. Stay tuned in for more breaking news.