Mighty Finger Casinos

mighty_finger_softwareWhat will you expect from the provider with such a strong name like Mighty Finger? Some unorthodox, out-of-the-box, engaging releases with a high level of players experience? Well, your expectation might be justified since its iGaming products exude originality. 

Bringing something new to the table...

...the brand is oriented towards the games slots lovers will enjoy. While limited regarding the type of titles, its portfolio is featuring some quite exciting games with high player’s retention. 

The design of all its games is cartoonish, but that doesn’t diminish the overall visual appeal. Quite the contrary since its combine with superb graphics and great animation. At first sight simple, but when you start playing, the complexity of gameplay with an abundance of special features will shine thought in all its glory. 

Did we pique your interest? If so, stay with us as we find out more about this developer.

Little To No Information

When we reviewed a few of the provider’s games, we were excited to find out more about the brand. Little that we know that it will turn out to be a bitter disappointment.

Not in a form of red flags or warnings. Not in a form of broken promises or rigged system that’s making the player’s chance to win almost equal zero. Some of the iGaming software suppliers did get caught in these or other forms of fraudulent activities, but that’s not the case with this brand.

So, what’s the problem?

The thing is...

…that this provider is like a ghost in the gambling community. Without an official website or social media accounts, we must dig deep thought the web to find any piece of information about its business.

Our mining for details of its vision left us with quite unsatisfactory results. Besides the fact it has emerged on the gambling market in 2019, all other parts of its existence are in the dark.

It's like it appears from time to time, launch some quite interesting new release that shakes the industry and disappear in thin air. The only solid mark of its presence is its strong portfolio available at Casumo casino.

This doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing…

...since the quality of its releases speaks for itself. And it tells us volume. We can conclude that the brand’s mission is to create original titles. Titles that are a bit odd but still provide a lot of fun and winning potential, which makes them stand out in the overcrowded market.

It will be nice to have more information to offer to our readers, but here we like to stick to the facts. And the facts are that without official details by the company, there just isn’t much to say about it. Just about its hard work shown in its impressive portfolio.

Product Line

For now...

…the only gaming products by this provider are fitting the slot category. But the time will tell if the developer will expand its production line to table titles or live dealer games. Now, it is focused on creating slots and it does it very successfully.

With over a two dozen slots under its wing, one thing is for sure – the team truly does know how to make an interesting and engaging game. Unique in presentation, every release by this brand comes looks a bit odd and unusual. This is a great attention-grabbing feature since there are many almost identical slots games out there.

By adding a bit of quirkiness...

…these games are appealing to the players looking for something new. It doesn’t hurt that the releases are coming with big winning potential, decent RTP, special features and all levels of volatility.

The themes aren’t original but their presentation certainly is. Exploring the pyramids of ancient Egypt or the wonders of Africa won’t be like anything you’ve experienced before thanks to the unusual design and comical characters.

What is the must-try games by Mighty Finger?

bazaar_ratAll slots by this developer are worth mentioning, but some are more popular than the others. It's important to emphasize that the somehow modest portfolio can respond to the preferences of different slot players – they vary in volatility, gameplay, themes and number of payline. It gives a lot of choices regardless if you a fan of modern releases or more plain gameplay.

Popular titles of this brand include:

You might have a problem finding these releases in online casinos. Casumo is a recommendable choice and it features the entire provider’s slots offering.


There isn’t really much to conclude about the operator uneager to disclose the basic information of its business. Official sites of leading software providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming and Yggdrasil are giving the gambling community all the details about their mission, products, the company’s history and partner’s list. And that’s something we don’t get with this developer.

But let’s not be hasty to judge...

…just because the brand is doing things differently. After all, there lays the appeal of its games – in providing unique and original playing experience.

It will be nice to have all the information in one place like with other iGaming suppliers, but we won’t hold it against it. Simply because its slots are speaking volume and are a try testament of the creativity and the quality of the team behind it.

Mighty Finger is an enigma wrapped in the riddle. On the other hand, when you have such an outstanding product line, blowing your own horn is becoming redundant. Letting the result of its work to speak for itself without any fabricated marketing buzz shows how insightful this brand is. No matter its history and achievements, the truth is that the developer is bringing a breath of fresh air in the slots market and creates the titles players will certainly enjoy.

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