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    To say Cryptologic’s Video Blackjack is multi-hand is a bit of an understatement. Since you’re wagering on both your cards and the Dealer’s cards, you could have as many as 55 hands in play in one Video Blackjack game. It’s a good thing the game is automated, or you’d have a tough time keeping track of all your winnings! This game is available in an 8-Deck and a 4-Deck version.

    The minimum wager will be $.75 (that’s $.25 per hand with the minimum of 4 hands in play, 1 for you and 3 for the Dealer). The maximum bet is a whopping $12,500- if you play all 55 hands at $50 a piece. That’s a pretty big spread, so you’re sure to find a wager that’s right for you.

    This game can look pretty overwhelming, so let me break it down. While it may not feel like it at first, this game actually follows Cryptologic’s general blackjack rules pretty closely:

    • No matter how many hands you decide to play, each of your hands will be pitted against each of the Dealer’s hands.
    • The first card for each of the Dealer’s hands will always be the same so that you can still maintain some resemblance of a strategy.
    • Once you’ve settled your hands, a score will tally at the bottom of each hand telling you how your hand faired when compared to those of the Dealer.
    • Dealer will stand on all soft 17s and will peek for Blackjack.
    • Insurance is offered; surrender is not.
    • Splits are allowed once for all equal-value cards.
    • Doubling down is available on all initial hands and after a split.

    Whether you play the 4-Deck or the 8-Deck version, the number of decks in each game refers to the how many are in the shoe of each individual Dealer hand. This means, in the 8-Deck game, when you play against 50 Dealer hands, you’re playing against 400 decks of cards.


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