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    Double Deck Blackjack by Cryptologic uses two standard decks and fairly standard rules to create a simple game with a lot of player-friendly features. Double Deck Blackjack fits somewhere between Cryptologic’s European Blackjack and its Vegas Blackjack in terms of how it’s played.

    Double Deck features a great way to customize what sort of table limits you’d like to have. Immediately after downloading the game, you’ll have the option to play at a $10-$200 limit table, a $25-$500 table, a $100-$1,000 limit table, or a $500-$5,000 table. I’m a bit of a low-roller myself, but it’s nice to have options.

    To make life a little easier, if you happen to bet lower than the minimum bet on any Cryptologic game, your wager will be automatically adjusted to make the minimum bet (as long as you have the chips to do so).

    I really like the “No/Yes to all” feature with regards to Insurance. You can actually customize this feature (That’s just the fabulous Crypto software for you) so you can actually tell the Dealer never to ask for insurance, or you can tell her it’s okay to ask, but you can decline or accept every hand at once. And suddenly life has become so much easier.

    As far as the rules for Double Deck Blackjack, they pretty much follow Cryptologic’s general blackjack rules, like the following:

    • The Dealer cannot peek for Blackjack since she doesn’t receive her second card until after you’ve made your play on all of yours.
    • One split is allowed, but only for exact pairs (meaning like-value, but not identical cards cannot be split).
    • No point-total restrictions on double downs.
    • Dealer will stand on all soft 17s.

    Make sure to peruse the “Help” section for more information on rules and how to use Cryptologic’s many other player-focused features.

    If you feel most blackjack games are loaded with two many decks, Double Deck blackjack may a bit more manageable for you. Play Double Deck at the following recommended Cryptologic casinos.


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