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    Available in both a single-player and a multi-player format, Cryptologic Super Fun 21 is a feast for the Blackjack fiend with side wagers that are, you guessed it, super fun. It’s played with a single deck of cards that are shuffled at the completion of each game.

    Table bets will range from $5 to $100, with the bonus side wager always being a $1 bet.

    The rules follow Cryptologic’s general Blackjack scheme, with slightly different payouts and more flexibility on splitting and doubling down.

    • Dealer, as usual for Crypto software, will hit a soft 17.
    • Doubling Down may occur after a split, on split aces, and on any number of cards.
    • Splitting may occur up to three hands.
    • Late surrender is available on any number of cards at the cost of half of the total bet.
    • Winning hands, including Blackjack (as long as it’s not in all Diamonds, see below), are paid out at 1:1.
    • 5-Card Tricks (a 5+ card hand totaling 21) pay out 2 to 1.
    •  6-Card Tricks (a total of 20 or less) pay out 1 to 1.
    • Non-Blackjack ties are a push; Blackjack ties go to the player.

    The major focus of this game is the side bet, so I’ll focus on that as well. You’ll find many ways to get more bang with your buck. For instance, you’re little $1 side wager will give 300 to 1 odds if you snag a Blackjack wearing only Diamonds (not you, your cards). If you forget to place a side wager and you pull this bejeweled Blackjack, don’t fret—you’ll still get a slightly better payout than normal, 2 to 1.

    For more rules and information, just follow the “Help” section that’s linked below the Super Fun 21 table.

    Super Fun 21 is available at all Cryptologic online casinos. Play at one of the ones we recommend below!


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