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    With Cryptologic’s Single Deck Blackjack, playing with only one deck does have its advantages- what it doesn’t have is the ability to play multiple hands at once.

    Cryptologic states that Single Deck Blackjack has a low house edge and a high minimum bet, so it welcomes high rollers with open arms (just don’t try to hug the Dealer).

    Single Deck Blackjack comes with three different table wager limits to choose from: $25-$250, $50-$500, and $100-$1,000. Once you’ve decided your risk level, you can start to play.

    You won’t find any surprises with the rules of Single Deck Blackjack- they follow Cryptologic’s general blackjack rules pretty rigidly.

    You’ll find that the Dealer will stand on all soft 17’s, peek for Blackjack, and will pay out 3 to 2 on a Player blackjack (as long as the Dealer doesn’t have a Blackjack as well). You’ll always have the ability to buy insurance, and you’ll never have the ability to surrender.

    Doubling down is available on any two initial cards, and splitting is an option only once (like-value, not identical cards can be split).

    If you choose to double down in a Cryptologic blackjack game, you’ll be dealt one more card and then be forced to stand (much like if you split Aces).

    Some of the nice features Crypto software has to offer are its auto-betting options. If you are like me, the most time consuming part of the game is the wagering stage- deciding whether or not to keep each bet the same, etc.

    Cryptologic can make the process automated by giving you three different options: place the same bet each time, create a recurring pattern of bets, or base bets on the outcome of the previous game.

    Just because the betting part of the game is automatic does not mean that it will play the game for you- you’ll still have to ultimately decide when to hit, stand, split, or double down (although it will prompt a warning if it feels like you’re making a wrong decision).


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