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    Side bets reign supreme in Cryptologic’s Perfect Pairs Blackjack, where you can play the classic blackjack game and wager a little something on the side for the outcome of your first two cards. Whether you play one hand at a time or all five, Perfect Pairs blackjack gives you an opportunity to place a side wager on the chance that your first two cards are a pair.

    Table limits in Perfect Pairs range from the $25 minimum to the $500 maximum. The Perfect Pairs additional wager tops out at $50 per hand.

    You’ll have five decks in the stack of this game, so you’ll have plenty of chances to come up with some sort of equal pairing. If you do happen to get a match, here’s how the payouts break down:

    • A mixed pair (same value, different suits) pays out 5 to 1.
    • A colored pair (same value, same color) pays out 15 to 1.
    • A perfect pair (same value, same suit) pays out 25 to 1.

    Remember, you have to place a wager in the Perfect Pairs circle in order for your hand to qualify for these payouts, and the only cards that count are the first two.

    Aside from the side wager, the typical Cryptologic blackjack rules apply. Aside from being able to surrender in this game, you shouldn’t find any surprises; you’re good to go on double downs, you’re allowed one split, and the Dealer always stands on a soft 17. Our main Crypto page outlines their rules in more detail, and you can always locate the “Help” section on any Crypto casino page.

    Here’s a helpful hint: If you’d like to play all five hands and you’d rather not click each individual betting circle with your bet, hold down the CTRL key while you’re making one bet. The game will automatically make the same bet on the remainder of the betting circles (the same goes for the Perfect Pairs bonus circles, though you’ll have to make a separate action for that).